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This Web page contains the URLs and annotations for the Web-accessible resources listed in Guide to Reference and Information Sources in Plant Biology, published by Libraries Unlimited in December 2005.


Chapter 4:  Plant Evolution and Paleobotany

Bibliographies and Guides to the Literature


Kelber, Klaus-Peter, comp. Links for Palaeobotanists.   


This well organized site provides an annotated list of Web sites of interest to paleobotanists, with an emphasis on the Upper Triassic.  The topics covered include taxonomy, anatomy, taphonomy, paleoclimate, evolution, images of plant fossils, and much more.


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Handbooks and Methods


International Organisation of Palaeobotany. Plant Fossil Record. Version 2.2.   


This database includes descriptions and occurrences of more than 10,000 extinct plant genera.  This version of the database includes most valid plant fossil genera published before 1985.  The database also includes maps of the locations of plant fossils.  The descriptions include author, citation to original description, type of plant part represented, and age of fossil.  The occurrence database lists author, location, and age for each reported discovery of the fossil.


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American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists (AASP). c/o Dr. Thomas D. Demchuk, 600 N Dairy Ashford, Box 2197, Houston, TX 77252-2197. Phone: 281-293-3189. Fax: 281-293-3833. E-mail: 


AASP is a member organization of the Geological Society of America, the American Geological Institute, and the International Federation of Palynological Societies.  The Association publishes Palynology, AASP Newsletter, the AASP Foundation Contribution Series of monographs, and other miscellaneous publications.



International Federation of Palynological Societies.   


A federation of twenty-four regional, national, linguistic, and specialist palynological organizations of the world.  Publishes a biannual newsletter, Palynos, which is available at the Federationís Web site.



International Fossil Algae Association. Tonći Grgasović, Institute of Geology, Sachsova 2, P.O. Box 262, HR-10000 Zagreb (Croatia). E-mail:


A non-profit organization interested in promoting all aspects of the study of fossil algae.  The associationís Web site includes membership information, an electronic library of fossil algae resources, and images of fossil algae.



International Organisation of Paleobotany. 


Most of the organizationís work centers around the Plant Fossil Record Database.  Their Web site had not been updated for several years at the time of viewing.



Paleobotanical Section. Botanical Society of America


The section is a member society of the American Geological Institute, and is affiliated with the International Organization of Paleobotany.  Publishes the Bibliography of American Paleobotany.



Palaeontological Association. c/o Dr. T. J. Palmer, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Wales-Aberstywyth, Aberystwyth SY23 3DB, United Kingdom. Phone: 44 1970 627107. Fax: 44 1970 622659. E-Mail:  


A British professional association covering all areas of paleontology, including paleobotany.  The association publishes the journal Palaeontology as well as Palaeontology Newsletter.  The associationís Web site provides information on the society and links to other paleontology Web sites.


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