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Neuroscience Information Resources for Illinois

Website Created by Katie Newman, Biotechnology Librarian, 5-5386, florador "at", Biotechnology Information Center. This site was created to support the needs of the University of Illinois Neuroscience Program.

Library homepages to explore

University of Illinois Library Gateway - the top level University of Illinois Library Homepage

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Databases to consult

Library catalogs, e-journals, and Interlibrary Loan

University of Illinois Online Catalog -
Find out if University of Illinois has a subscription to a journal, either in print or electronic. Also find out if we have a book in a subject area of interest. Grad students, faculty, and staff may submit an online request for for delivery to their office.

University of Illinois e-journals -
Find out if University of Illinois has electronic access to a journal or magazine.

UIC e-journals -
Occasionally UIC will have e-access to a journal that University of Illinois does not. You can access them while sitting in the Health Sciences Library (Urbana). Or, if you are a UIC affiliate, you will be able to access them remotely.

ILLINET Online Catalog -
Find out if another academic library in Illinois has a book or journal that you need. Grad students, faculty, and staff may submit an online request for for delivery to their office.

Dissertation Abstracts -
Identifies doctoral dissertations from U.S. & Canadian institutions, 1861-present. Abstracts are available for 1980-present. Full text access for "Big 10" university dissertations (including University of Illinois) is available in PDF digital format from 1997 to the present. Note: some other institutions, e.g., MIT, have allowed the full text of their dissertations to be brought up in this product.

IRRC - Interlibrary Loan Service -
The Library wants you to get the research material you need. If it's not available locally, request the book or a journal article from Interlibrary Loan. You'll need to login with your netid and password.

WorldCat -
If you need a book, and it's not in ILLINET, then use this catalog to request delivery of the book from another university.

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Scientific literature - Use these to find a research article on some topic

Need help figuring out which database to use to find articles? Read the descriptions associated with the databases in the Library Online Research Resources, by clicking on the "I" next to the name of the resource..

PubMed -
Identifies articles in basic and clinical biomedical research as well as in psychology other allied health fields. One of the top three or four resources used by neurobiologists. Also know as "Medline". (1950-present)

Web of Science -
Identifies articles in over 8000 science, social science, and humanities journals (mostly science), and the articles that cite them or are cited by them. One of the top three or four resources used by neurobiologists. Coverage is 1970- present.

CAB Abstracts -
Identifies articles in all aspects of agriculture, entomology, veterinary medicine and more. This is largest agricultural and veterinary medicine database and provides good coverage for animal behavior research. Coverage is 1910 - present. Note: this database is produced in Britain, so they use the "English" spelling of words, so search for (behaviour OR behavior)!

Biological Abstracts -
Identifies journal articles on biology and the biomedical sciences, including biochemistry, biology, cell biology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, and zoology. Coverage is 1955 - present. It is one of the primary databases for life sciences, providing citations and abstracts to articles in over 5,000 research journals in the life sciences. It is a subset of BIOSIS Previews. 

Search the web and thousands of journals for science information. Use boolean operators AND, OR, or ANDNOT, as well as parentheses to nest. E.g., ((behaviour OR behavior) AND (apis mellifera or honey bee* or honeybee*)) ANDNOT dance*

Google Scholar (
Use this to search scholarly information on the web -- journal articles, research mounted on web sites by the government or educational instituions, and more. Use boolean operator OR (must be capitalized). To hold phrases together, enclose the words in parentheses. Use dash (-) to exclude words.
E.g., ("apis mellifera" OR "honey bee" OR honeybee OR "honeybees") -dance

Note: When using Google Scholar from on-campus, you'll see "Discover UIUC Full Text " links, which enable you to locate easily the full-text of many articles. When using Google Scholar from off-campus, you'll need to set up your Google Scholar preferences, so that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign "Library Link" is your default.

PsycInfo -
Identifies articles, books and dissertations in psychology and related subjects, for the years 1887 to 1966. The PsycINFO database covers the professional and academic literature in psychology and related disciplines including medicine, psychiatry, physiology, and other areas. Coverage is worldwide, and includes references and abstracts to dissertations and over 1400 journals in more than 30 languages, and to book chapters and books in the English language. Popular literature is excluded.

Faculty of 1000 (F1000) - New!
Identifies important biological papers based on the recommendations of leading scientists. 2002-present. Particularly useful for biology graduate students and researchers. Set up a "My Faculty of 1000" and keep tract of the top papers as judged by experts in your field.

Chemical Abstracts via SciFinder -
The largest bibliographic database! Covers ALL areas of chemistry including biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, etc. (1907-)
Note: You will need to request the information for downloading the client program for this database from the Chemistry Librarian, Tina Chrzastowski, OR, if you are at any University of Illinois Library, click here to access this resource.

Conference Papers -
Identifies papers and poster sessions presented at major scientific meetings.

IPA [International Pharmaceutical Abstracts] -
Identifies articles related to the field of pharmaceuticals. (1970-)

Toxicology Abstracts -
Identifies research articles about toxicology. (1981-)

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Popular literature / News

Lexis Nexis / Academic Universe -
Articles from newspapers around the nation as well as international.

Academic Search Premier -
Identifies articles in scholarly and popular interdisciplinary journals and national news magazines. (1985-)

Academic OneFile (from Infotrac)-
Identifies articles in scholarly and popular interdisciplinary journals and national news magazines. (1980-)

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Other resources to consider

Build your own database of citations with this online resource. Then use it to put your citations in the proper format (style) when you're writing your paper! Click on the link to learn how to set up your own account, how to fill RefWorks with citations of interest to you, and how to use it with Word while you're writing your papers.

Current Protocols - New!
Recently we acquired electronic access to ALL of the Wiley Current Protocols series. Search them individually or all, together! This includes:

Methods in Enzymology Vol. 1 (1955) - present - New!
Not just enzmology, but rather techniques and protocols in cytology, biochemistry, microscopy, membrane biology, and more.

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience (2008)  Edited by Mark D. Binder, Nobutaka Hirokawa, and Uwe Windhorsr. Springer.
In print, this would be 5 volumes; 4293 pages.  Over a 1000 authors worked on the entries. From the Preface:

"This Encyclopedia has adopted a new format. The entire complex of neuroscience has been divided into 38 subject fields organized and surveyed by associated Field Editors. Entries, which are in alphabetical order for rapid localization, are of three type: (1) simple and relatively brief definitions and explanations (glossary entries), (2) structured “essays” of a few pages to provide coherent treatments of particularly important topics, and (3) synopses written by the Field Editors as larger overviews of their fields with links to the essays in their field. Extensive cross-references to definitions and essays serve to lead the reader to additional sources of information".

Dictionary of Natural Compounds
This is searchable at University of Illinois as part of ChemNetBase.

Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
Data on the properties of inorganic and organic compounds , practical laboratory data, mathematical tables, and much more. A classic reference, now updated online.

Medical Dictionary (from MedlinePlus)

Encylopedia of Life Sciences (from the publishers of Nature)
Search or browse by subject to find entries on brain and behaviour, cells of the nervous system, intercellular signaling, multiple sclerosis, nervous system disease, nervous system organization, techniques in neurobiology, and more.

Chemistry Databases and Reference Tools (University of Illinois) -
Includes links to websites for spectra.

Online Encyclopedias & Reference Books for the Life Sciences
A listing of resources available to University of Illinois life sciences students and researchers. Includes dictionaries, handbooks, and more.

SAGE KE Science of Aging Knowledge Environment - Trial until 7/06
From AAAS, the publisher of Science, this is a research resource for those who study the transmission of signals between and within cells. The STKE library provides full-text access to relevant articles in about 50 professional journals. STKE is a weekly electronic journal with unique features like original Reviews and Protocols. There is also a lab manual component.

Nature's Neuroscience Gateway - New!
A free, searchable resource for the latest research, news and events in neuroscience and genomics research developed collaboratively by the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Nature Publishing Group. The Allen Brain Atlas (ABA)is a freely available scientific resource developed by the Allen Institute, which provides maps of the expression of approximately 20,000 genes in the mouse brain and allows users access an extensive database of ISH images, the ABA reference atlas, and gene expression masks. Future releases will allow users to search by gene expression pattern or level, and will contain an expanded gene data set. Together, the Neuroscience Gateway and the Allen Brain Atlas are new tools to help researchers navigate neuroscience and genomics research.

Neuroscience Database Gateway (NDG) -
The Neuroscience Database Gateway (NDG) is a searchable, curated database of neuroinformatics resources on the internet. It is a product of the Society for Neurosicence. The NDG is designed to be a one-stop resource for neuroscientists interested in using online databases and tools in their research. It cataloges databases of experimental data and knowledge bases specific to neuroscience as well as general bioinformatics resources, lists of links, and providers of research materials. All resources proposed for addition to the NDG are evaluated by Neuroinformatics Committee according to their sustainability, relevance, scientific objectivity, and free accessibility.

Journal Citation Reports -
Use this to find out if a journal has been "highly cited" or has a high ISI Impact Factor rating. Journals with high Impact Factors are usually considered more prestigious places to publish! We've listed the JCR Impact factors for some of the Neuroscience journals, below. The higher the number, the more cited (and perhaps more highly regarded) the journal.

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Search the web...

Google -
Everybody's favorite. But are you a "power user"? Some simple tricks to enrich your searching:

  • Put quotation marks around phrases, to search for phrases, e.g., "Apis mellifera "
  • Put a plus (-) directly in front of a word to tell it to search, but not bring back webpages with that word, e.g., "nitric oxide" -fireflies -high
  • Limit a search to a particular domain by adding site:domain, e.g., try: ("Paul E Gold" )
  • Use the Boolean operator OR (OR must be capitalized). e.g., (neurotransmitter OR seratonin OR " 5-hydroxytryptamine")

Vivisimo -
Many like this better than Google since it "clusters" results! Try it, you'll like it! Use the same search tips as given above for Google.

  • ClusterMed -
    Use the Vivisimo search engine to search PubMed! Notice that you can "cluster" by title/abstract, author, medical subject heading (MeSH), address, or date of publication. You can only retrieve 100 citations or less for free. But give it a spin!

Dogpile -
Search Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, About, LookSmart, Teoma, Overture and FindWhat simultaneously. Results are "clustered" somewhat.

Scirus -
This is billed as a science-specific search engine. In addition to searching the web (including PubMed), this Elsevier-sponsored website also searches within the full-text of Elsevier (ScienceDirect) journals. -
Search, in one place, 30 government websites, resources, reports, etc. including: Agricola, Pubmed, ClinicalTrials, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, EPA, DOE, MedlinePlus, ERIC, NIST, US Patent Office, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, the Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System, the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, NSF, and more!

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Selected Journals for Neuroscience Research

Note: The number after the title is the ISI Journal Citation Reports 2004, 2005 & 2006 Impact Factors for this journal, which is an index for how frequently papers in this journal are cited by other papers. It is often claimed that the higher the ISI Impact Factor, the more highly regarded (and prestigious) the journal.

Important Multidisciplinary Journals

Many of the most important neuroscience findings are reported in journals that cover a range of research topics, not just neuroscience.  These are a type of "primary journals" in that research is reported here for the first time. To keep up-to-date with the literature, it is crucial that the neuroscience researcher browse these journals regularly.

Cell 28.389; 29.431; 29.194
Developmental Cell 15.434; 14.609; 15.523
EMBO Journal 10.492; 10.053; 10.086
Journal of Biological Chemistry 6.355; 5.854; 5.808
Molecular Cell 16.811; 14.971; 14.033
Nature 32.182; 29.273; 26.681
Nature Cell Biology 20.649; 19.717; 18.485
Nature Genetics 24.695; 25.797; 24.176
Nature Medicine 31.223; 28.878; 25.588
PLOS Biology 13.868; 14.672; 14.101
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America [PNAS] 10.452; 10.231; 9.643
Science 31.853; 30.927; 30.028

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Review Journals for Neuroscience Research

Look in review journals for articles that will provide a broad overview of the literature of a particular topic.  These usually synthesis past research rather than report new findings.

Annals of Neurology  8.097; 7.571; 8.051
Annual Review of Neuroscience  23.143; 24.184; 28.533
Brain Research Reviews  4.617; 6.402; 5.595
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 7.937; 8.527; 9.286
Current Opinion in Neurology 4.017; 4.873; 5.229
Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology 9.500; 10.409; 11.526
Nature Reviews. Molecular Cell Biology 33.170; 29.852; 31.354
Nature Reviews. Neuroscience 21.225; 20.951; 23.054
Neuropsychology Review 2.125; 3.652; 2.591
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 6.346; 7.443; 8.293
Progress in Neurobiology 11.933; 11.789; 11.304
Trends in Cognitive Sciences 7.992; 9.155; 9.374
Trends in Neuroscience 14.794; 14.325; 13.494

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Primary Journals for Neuroscience Research

Primary journals are where researchers first report their findings.  These articles tend to be quite detailed about the research, providing enough detail so those in the field could repeat the research.

Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7.125; 9.885; 14.964
Behavioral Neuroscience 2.819; 3.071; 2.907
Behavioural Brain Research 2.992; 2.865; 2.591
Biological Psychiatry 6.159; 6.779; 7.154
BMC Neuroscience (not rated by ISI in 2004); 2.733; 2.775
Brain and Language 1.614; 2.129; 2.317
Brain 8.201; 7.535; 7.617
Brain Research Bulletin 2.429; 2.481; 1.684
Brain Research 2.389; 2.296; 2.341
Brain Research Protocols 1.224; 1.816; 1.578
Brain, Behavior and Evolution 1.954; 1.986; 2.195
Brain, Behavior, and Immunity 2.937; 3.520; 3.757
Cell Calcium 5.186; 4.939; 4.118
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology 1.970; 2.022; 2.219
Cerebral Cortex 5.322; 6.187; 6.368 
Chemical Senses 2.594; 2.506; 1.608
Cognitive Brain Research 2.394; 2.471; 2.568
Developmental Brain Research 1.854; 1.508; 1.598
European Journal of Neuroscience 3.820; 3.949; 3.709
Experimental Brain Research 2.304; 2.118; 1.959
Genes, Brain, and Behavior 3.846; 4.091; 4.385
Glia 4.781; 4.276; 5.013
Human Brain Mapping 4.815; 4.317; 4.888
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 5.673; 4.786; 4.843
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 5.275; 4.533; 5.197
Journal of Comparative Neurology 3.400; 3.855; 3.831
Journal of Comparative Physiology. A, Sensory, Neural, and Behavioral Physiology 2.016; 1.838; 1.751
Journal of Computational Neuroscience 2.200; 2.539; 1.667
Journal of Neurobiology 3.923; 4.170; 4.209
Journal of Neurochemistry 4.824; 4.604; 4.260
Journal of Neuroendocrinology 2.920; 2.974; 2.774
Journal of Neuroimmunology 2.704; 2.824; 2.880
Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology 5.037; 4.471; 4.371
Journal of Neurophysiology 3.592; 3.853; 3.652
Journal of Neuroscience 7.907; 7.506; 7.453
Journal of Neuroscience methods 1.894; 1.784; 2.243
Journal of Neuroscience research 3.727; 3.239; 3.476
Journal of the Neurological Sciences 2.366; 2.035; 2.412
Learning & Memory 4.694; 4.142; 5.099
Learning and Behavior 1.030;1.408; 1.926
Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences 3.789; 4.641; 4.607
Molecular Brain Research 1.711;1.585; 1.670
Molecular Psychiatry 6.943; 9.335; 11.804
Nature Neuroscience 16.980; 15.456; 14.805
Neurobiology of Aging 5.516; 5.312; 5.599
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 4.443; 4.091; 3.593
Neuroimage 4.869; 5.288; 5.559
Neuron 14.439; 14.304; 13.894
Neuropeptides 2.494; 2.155; 2.789
Neuropsychobiology 1.667; 1.788; 2.367
Neuropsychopharmacology 4.941; 5.369; 5.889
Neuroreport 2.351; 1.995; 2.137
Neuroscience 3.456; 3.410; 3.427
Neuroscience Letters 2.019; 1.898; 2.092 
Neuroscience Research 2.155; 2.184; 1.953
Neuro-Signals 3.585; 2.293; 2.228
Synapse 2.827; 3.220; 2.870

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