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*You MUST complete APPLICATION with this office. Once you have completed your application you may contact the supervisor directly for position inquiries.



*University Library GAs are usually 1/4 time or .25 (10 hours/week) and 1/2 time or .50 (20 hours/week).

Unit Position FTE* Supervisor Application Deadline Available

Grainger Engineering Library

The Physical Sciences and Engineering Division (PSED)  50% Ali Krogman January 2017

The RareBook & Manuscript Library

Velde Public Service Graduate Assistantship  Tony Hynes January 3, 2017 January 2017
Law Library Law Library GA 50% Professor Michelle Hook Dewey August 2016

Please Note:


Tuition and service fee waivers for a Pre-Professional Graduate Assistants (PGA) are considered taxable income unless exempt under a specific Section of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).  The University has a 127 plan, which is an educational assistance program that exempts the first $5,250 (per calendar year) of the tuition and service fee waivers as allowed by IRC Section 127.  Cumulative Pre-Professional Graduate Assistant (PGA) tuition and service waivers in a calendar year exceeding $5,250 are considered taxable benefits.  Therefore, your wages will have additional withholding for any value above the $5,250 limit. The value of the tuition and service fee waiver that exceeds $5,250 will have an estimated tax withholding of 30% to 36%.  The tax withholding may result in your monthly paycheck or paychecks throughout the semester being significantly reduced possibility up to the point where you have no take-home pay.  This will depend on the value of your tuition and service fee waiver and the pay you receive for the services you perform for the University.

First priority for graduate assistantships in the University Library is given to students enrolled in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

If the position that you have applied to is no longer posted, this means the unit is no longer accepting applications.

* Application

Here are additional resources that may prove helpful:

The Graduate Assistantship Clearinghouse

Student Employment: Virtual Job Board

Each lists GAs and Grad Hourly, and the latter also lists student hourly positions on and off campus.  Good luck!   

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