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About Consultations


The Writer’s Workshop and Undergraduate Library are currently offering remote RAW sessions with updated info below. Please see COVID-19 Response information about Library Services. See our homepage for instructions to schedule an appointment.


What happens during a RAW Consultation?

  • Consultants and Graduate Assistants are trained to work with you on your research and writing at any stage of your writing process.  You and the consultant meet and talk about your work in its current stage to review, troubleshoot, or approach the next step. At their core RAW Consultations are collaborative. You will collaborate with consultants on developing strategies to make your research and writing more effective, while considering methods for integrating your research into your writing.
  • The goal is to be more-ready to put pen to paper or to have a more refined draft of your work. Consultants can work with you on brainstorming ideas for a paper, think about potential sources for your project and how to find them, help you understand where your work needs revising and how to rewrite it, or better integrate your research into your writing.
  • We work together collaboratively
  • Consultants can shape the consultation to meet your goals, and offer suggestions for refining your research and writing practices. Our strategies are numerous. We may ask you clarifying questions, or to talk about how you generated your ideas, if there are patterns in your interests, or what you see as connections between ideas to learn more about your own thinking and your process.

How to make the most of a RAW Consultation:

  • Talk about what you need. Our discussions surround your work, and are designed to meet you where you’re at. What problems are you having?
  • Be prepared! Your thinking does not have to be complete, but you have to start thinking. Know your ideas, think about your aspirations for your work. Come with an idea of your research and writing.  If you’ve been taking notes, bring them.
  • Commit to yourself as a researcher and writer. The secret is to really begin. Take notes as you find new sources, try new things, develop your interests, and make time in your schedule for dedicated researching and writing.
  • Reflect on your research and writing often, especially after a consultation. Take time to think about what was productive and how it can be incorporated into your process and work. Re-read the feedback.
  • Ask us questions. Be as specific as you can!
  • Make multiple appointments. Pre-schedule your appointments to have consultants check in with you throughout the process of your research and writing.