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Research and Writing (RAW) Consultations

Get Research and Writing (RAW) help from experts at the Undergraduate Library and the Writers Workshop.

This spring semester, Research and Writing Consultations are February 6th-May 5th!

Appointments are 4-9pm, Sunday-Thursday. See what kind of appointment you need below, and sign up for a consultation.

Note: If you are signing up for a joint/combined consultation with the Writer’s Workshop and Research Consultants, please schedule an appointment at least 12 hours in advance. If you schedule something sooner, there is a chance your request may not be filled.

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Need help finding sources for a research paper? Wondering if a source is scholarly or not? Get Research and Writing (RAW) advice from experts at the Undergraduate Library and the Writer’s Workshop.

Research Consultations:

We will help you: 

    • Brainstorm a topic
    • Define and focus research questions
    • Locate your sources to support your paper
    • Plan effective strategies to explore research materials available in the library system.

Writing Consultations

We will help you:

    • Review your writing skills
    • Refine your writing skills
    • Develop arguments
    • Learn about expectations for academic writing
    • Create a writing plan.

Visit https://writersworkshop.illinois.edu/ to schedule an appointment.

A Combined Research And Writing Consultation

Meet simultaneously with a research consultant and a writing consultant.

We will help you:

    • Integrate your research into the writing process
    • Navigate the process of research-based writing assignments
    • Locate sources
    • Review your process

For an combined appointment, schedule a research consultation and write “research and writing consultation” in “Other.”



At the Orange Box in the Undergraduate Library (outside the Writer’s Workshop)