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Locate Information About Current Events

Considerations for Researching Current Events

  1. Newspapers, magazines, and other news sources are most likely to have up-to-date information on a current event.
    Scholarly sources take longer than news sources to research, write, and publish. However, you may find information about similar past events that will be useful to your research in scholarly sources. This page on the Information Cycle explains when you can expect information related to a current event to be published. 
  2. Scholarly sources provide context, historical perspective, and/or evidence-based research.
    You are most likely to find scholarly research or sources on events that have been going on for at least several months or older events than can be placed in historical perspective.
  3. RSS feeds keep your research current
    RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way to keep current on websites that have frequently updated content. This page will help you find the best news and RSS readers to use.

Recommended Resources

News sources tend to be brief and typically offer little or no analysis. While these may be good sources for gathering descriptions and facts, most research assignments require authoritative, academic sources to support a nuanced analysis of events.

Recommended Databases

Recommended News Sites