The UGL has been an innovative service point for decades.  In addition to being pioneers in instruction and reference services, it also continues to explore innovative technologies and services, including mobile app prototyping, social media, a media commons, and offering loanable technology.  These pages provide some glimpses over the years.

In addition to the core services of circulation, reference and instruction, the UGL also hosts a permanent Writers Workshop location on the upper level and the Mortenson Center on the lower level. A dedicated computer lab space (operated by Technology Services on campus) has been in the upper level of the UGL since the 1990s.

Career Center: In the 1990s there was also a dedicated Career Center space.  In addition to resources for careers and resume writing, there were regular workshops for students.   Below is a picture from 2006. In 2010, once materials became available online, the “nook” disappeared, but the Career Center still provided regular resume and cover letter consultation at the UGL’s “partner desk” or later in the “Consultation Corner” of the UGL.

picture of career center at the UGL

Writers Workshop.  Funded by the English Department on campus, the writers workshop has a permanent location on the upper level of the UGL.   The UGL’s instruction and reference programs have worked closely with this unit for years. Below is a photo from 2006.

photo of writers workshop in the UGL