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The Undergraduate Library houses the primary audio-video collection within the University Library. The collection serves the instructional and curricular needs of the campus community at all levels, as well as the individual study, scholarship, cultural enrichment and recreational needs of students, faculty, and staff.

The media collection, covering all subject disciplines, consists of non-print materials in a variety of formats such as DVD, VHS, Video Game, Audiocassette and CD.  In-house viewing is provided for most formats.

Please note that the library is not responsible for any damage that may occur on equipment as a result of media borrowed from the library.

The media collection serves to support the University’s curriculum by providing appropriate non-print instructional materials for classroom use and personal research, as well as to make available campus-wide materials which are only available, or are most useful, in non-print formats (e.g. motion pictures, theatrical productions, demonstration, and tutorial tapes).  The collection also contains box office hits, TV series, documentaries and special orders.  See:  for more information.

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