Loanable Technology

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1990s:  The UGL offered calculators and other basic tools for students to use while studying at the library.  As mobile phone and game use increased, the Library purchased and circulated basic items such as phone cords, cables, and gameboys.

2000s:  As classes began asking students to create projects that incorporated media, the UGL began purchasing video recorders and flip cameras to assist those needs. Throughout the years the UGL increased the types of equipment it loaned out.

2015 onwards:  Once the Media Commons launched, there was a steady rise in the need for higher end equipment.   See below for statistics.

UGL Loanable Technology:

Time Period 1 week circ 2 hour circs Total
Fall 2015 3351 13386 16937
Spring 2016 3998 13376 17374
Total for two semesters 7349 26762 34311
Fall 2016 3588 11489 15077
Spring 2017 4583 13202 17785
Total for two semesters 8171 24691 32862
Percent of
FY15 Class Support 517 112 59%
FY16Class Support 577 115 61%
FY17 Class Support 580 117 65%