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Reflection Rooms

Reflection Rooms

The Undergraduate Library has two reflection rooms located on the lower level.  While reflection rooms are commonly used for a variety of purposes including prayer, meditation, and yoga, they can also be used as sensory safe spaces. For people who have autism, anxiety disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a reflection room can be a much needed oasis of calm in an otherwise overstimulating environment. The UGL’s reflection rooms are outfitted with a variety of sensory input methods in order to best cater to a wide variety of needs. The rooms are painted blue because it is a calming color. One of the rooms is equipped with a rocking chair and a voice-activated light source that can be customized to provide light across the entire spectrum of colors depending on one’s needs. The other room contains a yoga mat and a white noise machine to encourage meditative movement. Book online and check in with the Loanable Technology Desk for the key.

Window lettering of UGL reflection rooms.

Tranquility Kits are also available for checkout to use in the rooms, and include a happy light, noise-cancelling headphones, stress balls, and other items to help you take a break during a busy and stressful day.

Reflection rooms can be booked in advance if you want to schedule a break ahead of time.