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Assistive Computing

Accessibility Library Guide

The Library has created an Accessibility and Assistive Technology Guide, a resource guide to accessibility, assistive technology, and digital learning.

Guide Resources:

  • Learn what assistive technology is, and what it means to be “accessible” online
  • Explore tutorials and resources for using all of our assistive software
  • Find out how to create accessible presentations, projects, and web content

Available Software

All public workstations in the Undergraduate Library (UGL) have the following software installed:

Additional Resources

The UGL also provides:

  • Adjustable tables on the upper level of the UGL, including one with push button height adjustment and a computer, and two crank tables (ask at the circulation desk for location)
  • ClearView+, an auto-focus desktop video magnification system with adjustable colors, brightness, and contrast (ask at the circulation desk for location)

In addition, Disability Resources and Education Services (DRES) offers an Office of Assistive Communication and Information Technology that provides training and other services to maximize students’ ability to effectively use computer technologies.