Library Chat Training Procedures

Process and Content

Training for library chat software is required prior to providing chat service at reference hubs and unit-level services.  The Library training program includes both training on the current software the library is using, as well as training on best practices for providing reference service in an online environment.  The Reference Management Team will provide training documentation and an outline for everyone involved in chat training to use.

Training options consist of:

  1. Open sessions, led by the Reference Management Team — larger group sessions for multiple units, offered during new GA Orientation in Fall and Spring, and at other times based on committee priorities and availability.
  2. Unit Sessions, led by unit leads and divisional representatives on the Reference Management Team — Smaller sessions for individuals or small groups.  Each unit should designate a local chat manager, who will be trained by the Reference Management Team divisional rep on software usage and policies.  Unit sessions will also focus on local policies, such as when and where chat is staffed.

Training is done using an alternate chat widget so as not to disrupt patron chat. Divisional RMT representatives will add and remove access to this widget as necessary when training is scheduled.

Units can contact the Reference Management Team by email at:

Last Updated January 2021