Label Printing

We are using the LIBstick system for label printing with Alma. To get started:

  1. Make sure you can log into LIBstick at A password should have been emailed to you from Technion Library Sites with something like “LIBstick account details” as the subject. Please save the password in a secure location.
  2. Select whether you want the Monograph or Serials template as your default

Set up LIBstick with Alma

  1. Install the LIBstick Chrome browser extension for Alma. This extension will create a button in Alma to print labels. Right now the extension is only available for the Chrome browser.
  2. After the extension is installed, the LIBstick icon should be displayed on the top right corner. Right-click on the LIBstick icon and select Options.
    LIBstick icon
  3. In the LIBstick configuration screen enter the URL to UIUC’s LIBstick account:
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. These settings are saved locally on the computer, so you will need to repeat these steps if you switch computers.

Add Labels

Import call numbers from Alma

  1. Search for an item in Alma.
  2. Click the Print in LIBstick button next to the item you’d like to print.
  3. The label will load in LIBstick in a new window. You can go back to Alma to add more labels, and then select Print in LIBstick when you’re ready to print.

Import with barcode scan

  1. In LIBstick, click Create Labels.
  2. Make sure the cursor is in the Barcode field and scan an item barcode. Click Add.
  3. You can continue to scan in labels. When you’re ready to print, select Print.

Import an Alma set

  1. Copy the Set ID from Alma. It must be a Physical items set, either Logical or Itemized.
  2. In LIBstick, under Create Labels, click the LOAD SET button.
  3. Enter the Alma SET id inside the “Load Alma Set” window.
  4. Select Print.

Add labels manually

  1. Click on Edit Text.
  2. Enter the fields and click Save.

Print labels

  1. Click Print when you’re ready to print the labels.
  2. Check that the printer, layout, and paper size are correct.
  3. Margins must be set to None.
  4. Click Print.