Food and Drink Procedure for Events in Shared Spaces

These procedures, guidelines, and exceptions clarify and supplement the Library Employee Food and Drink Policy with regards to the use of shared spaces for events involving library employees.

Food and drink may be brought into spaces only for activities that pertain directly to the Library (e.g., professional development sessions for employees; meetings of subject liaisons with other campus faculty).

  • Food and drink may only be placed on tables and/or serving carts in the room.
  • The event organizer is responsible for seeing that eating surfaces (the table) are wiped down and carpeted floors are vacuumed after each event at which food and drink are provided.
  • All food, drink and associated containers must be disposed of in the waste basket(s).
  • The event organizer is responsible for seeing that waste basket(s) are emptied in the loading dock dumpster following the event.
  • All spills must be cleaned up immediately.
  • If a spill occurs on the floor or furniture the Office of Library Facilities must be notified immediately at 217-841-7874 or 217-377-9555
  • If a spill occurs on the computer equipment Library IT must be notified immediately at 217-244-4688.
  • After three incidents/complaints of non-compliance to the policy regarding food and drink, the space policy will be revised to not allow food and drink in specified rooms during events.  No exceptions will be made.

(Updated 09/06/2019)