Procedures for Reserving the Library Van

Location: Parking space 202

Seating Capacity: 7

To reserve the Library van, please submit your request via Outlook Calendar.

  • Create a meeting on your calendar and invite the van (Library – Van <>).
  • If you have any questions regarding your request, please contact Library Administration.

Listed below are guidelines for reserving the Library van:

  • Van reservations will not be accepted more than 14 days prior to reserve date.
  • ONLY Library employees with a valid driver’s license may reserve and drive the van.
  • The van can only be used for Library business, no personal use whatsoever.
    • Acceptable Use of University Vehicles:
      • Moving collection materials, furniture and equipment
      • Providing transportation for candidates during interviews
    • Non-compliant Use of University Vehicles
      • Stopping for lunch while using the vehicle within the community for meetings, to pick up supplies, to pick up or deliver collections material, etc. is not permitted.
    • Liability and collision insurance for the vehicles will not cover costs associated with accidents that may occur during non-compliant use and would become the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle.
  • Reservations are accepted on a “first come” basis.
  • Reserving the van on a “recurring” basis is strictly prohibited.  (i.e.: driving to monthly meetings to another Campus location, etc.)

Listed below are guidelines for van usage:

  • Pick up and check out keys in Library 230.
  • Middle and rear seats are removable.  Please make certain the vehicle seating arrangement is correct for your designated use.  If seats need to be removed or installed please log an OTRS ticket with Library Facilities.
  • If the gas gauge is at one quarter (1/4) tank or below, please fill at Campus Carpool.  The address for Carpool is 1701 S. Oak St., Champaign. Directions for how to use the gas pumps at the Carpool are provided in the van glove compartment.
  • Smoking, drinking and eating in the van is strictly prohibited.
  • If the van is dirty or not functioning properly after you have used it, please log an OTRS ticket with Library Facilities and explain in detail the problem you incurred.
  • If you are in an accident while driving the van, please refer to the glove compartment for instructions.
  • Return the van to Space 202 when you are finished.
  • Return and check out keys in Library 230.