Reporting Forms

  • BIOK Form
    • Add and update patrons evenings and weekends.
  • Call Slip on a Book in Hand
    • Report items you have in hand which have the following message: Item Blocked due to… There is a call slip placed by other patron on this item.
  • Cluster Error (Report I-Share Charging Problems)
    • For example, you might see the following message: The patron cannot charge this item because it belongs to another cluster and the patron has not requested it, the Hold Shelf Life has expired, or the pickup location is not the charging location.
  • Fine/Billing Request
    • Report to the Library Billing Office patron accounts that need fine waivers or additional billing transactions.
  • Multiple Patron Barcodes/Statuses
    • Report that a patron’s record has more than one patron barcode and/or multiple patron groups listed.
  • Report a Recall
    • Report that you have placed a recall on an item.

Please contact Central Access Services if you have questions, need assistance, or have issues not addressed in the forms above.


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