LibQUAL+ Core and Supplemental Questions (2008)

Core Questions

1) Employees who instill confidence in users.
2) Making electronic resources accessible from my home or office.
3) Library space that inspires study and learning.
4) Giving users individual attention.
5) A library Web site enabling me to locate information on my own.
6) Employees who are consistently courteous.
7) The printed library materials I need for my work.
8) Quiet space for individual activities.
9) Readiness to respond to users’ questions.
10) The electronic information resources I need.
11) Employees who have the knowledge to answer user questions.
12) A comfortable and inviting location.
13) Employees who deal with users in a caring fashion.
14) Modern equipment that lets me easily access needed information.
15) Employees who understand the needs of their users.
16) Easy-to-use access tools that allow me to find things on my own.
17) A getaway for study, learning, or research. Library as Place
18) Willingness to help users.
19) Making information easily accessible for independent use.
20) Print and/or electronic journal collections I require for my work.
21) Community space for group learning and group study.
22) Dependability in handling users’ service problems.

Selected Questions from the Supplemental List Chosen by LAWG for Consideration

*Question numbers relate to the LibQUAL+ list. Those selected by LAWG are bolded.

Collections Questions

110. The library collection provides information resources reflecting diverse points of view.
21. Collections of online full-text articles sufficient to meet my needs.
42. Providing reliable access to resources when and where I need them.
66. Comprehensive print collections.
79. Interdisciplinary library needs being addressed.
93. Resources added to library collections on request.

Access Questions

20.  Online course support (readings, links, references). 
98.  Timely document delivery / interlibrary loan.

Navigation/Information Finding Questions

3.  Ease of using library’s online article indexes.
71. Enabling me to find information myself 24 hours a day.
72. Facilitating self-directed research.
101. Personalization features in electronic library.

Reference/Assistance Questions

4.  Availability of online help when using my library’s electronic resources. 
12. Providing help when and where I need it.
31. Library keeping me informed about all of its services.
39. Availability of subject specialist assistance.


14. Teaching me how to access, evaluate, and use information.
19. Library orientation/instruction sessions.


8.  An environment that facilitates group study and problem solving
94. Space for group/individual study and research needs.
50. Convenient service hours. 
63. Browsing library materials.
60. Access to archives, special collections. 
58. A place for reflection and creativity.
99. Visually appealing facilities.
95. Space that facilitates quiet study.


26. Contribution to the intellectual atmosphere of the campus.