Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey 2023 FAQ

Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

University of Illinois Summary Findings (2023)

National US National Faculty Survey 2021: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity

What is the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey?

The Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey is a web-based survey. The survey allows faculty at Illinois to express their attitudes and practices related to teaching and research. Additional information about the survey can be found on the Ithaka S+R website.

What can the University Library learn from the survey results?

The goals of this research project is to use the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey to help the University Library to assess faculty practices and attitudes with respect to library services in order to support planning for
the future of the University Library and institutional information services. The Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey
provides colleges and universities with the opportunity to survey their faculty on a variety of topics:

  • Discovery & access
  • Research practices
  • Scholarly communication
  • Teaching practices and student skills
  • The role of the library

The Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey is conducted via a secure web-based system (Qualtrics).

Who are invited to participate?

The following three groups of individuals who have at least 50% combined FTE at the University of Illinois will be invited to participate:

  • All tenure system, post docs and specialized faculty at the University of Illinois,
  • All researchers at the University of Illinois identified by the Illinois Experts, and
  • All course instructors from the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

15-30 minutes.

What are the survey dates?

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 – Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

Will survey participants receive compensation or rewards before, during, or after participation?

Upon completing the survey, participants will have a chance to win one of the ten $50 Amazon gift cards by entering their email addresses for drawing. The prize drawing will be conducted this way: The last button of the final survey page will read: “SUBMIT.” Respondents are redirected when they click the “SUBMIT” button to a new page with instructions to enter their name and email if they would like to be entered in a prize draw. An individual’s name/email entered for the prize draw will not be connected to his/her/their survey responses.

Questions & Comments

If you have additional questions or comments, please contact us via

Note: The Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS) has granted the exemption status to this study (IRB Protocol Number: 23438)