September 9, 2022 Meeting of Library Committee of Academic and Civil Service Professionals (LCP)

Time and Location of Meeting

September 9, 2022

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


LCP Meeting Minutes 

September 9, 2022 (via Zoom) 


Present: Janelle Sander, Megan Pearson, Evan Barber, Will Schlaack (ex-officio), Eric Kurt (ex-officio), John Laskowski, Cara Bertram, Hoa Luong 

Absent: none 

Minutes: John Laskowski 


Meeting called to order at 1:03 pm 

  • Approval of July minutes 
    • No changes. Minutes approved as recorded. 
  • Brief update on administrative tasks from transition 
    • LCP distribution list has been updated to add new members and remove old members. 
    • Email address has changed from to 
    • John will makes sure the contact information on the committee page is updated.  
    • Box membership updated. Whoever has the role of owner must remove themselves from that role. Anyone with the role of the co-owner has the ability to change others’ role and/or add new contributors. 
  • Fall Office Hours – schedule 
    • 2nd Monday of the month will be our office hour at 2:00 pm. 
  • CSP Resource Statement update 
    • John gave an overview of the CSP Resource Statement  
    • History of why this was an issue. 
    • Process for creating the proposal.  
    • State of approval /understanding 
    • Comments/questions on the statement from the current committee are welcome 
  • Discuss LCIT/August Hangout Response 
    • Megan discussed the confusing and heated conversation about LCIT during the August Dean Hangout. 
    • Jen-chien Yu reached out to Megan, Janelle, and John to suggest an opportunity to allow APs and CS-Ps to ask questions/request clarifications about the LCIT proposal and the EC+ concept the Dean encouraged.  
    • Co-chairs decided it would be best to encourage people to bring their concerns/questions to our office hour rather that a special (possibly controversial event).  
  • Any items for quarterly meeting with Dean Wilkin (scheduled for Sept 15, 9am) 
    • everyone should have received Outlook calendar invites now (MNP forwarded) 
    • John will send an email to constituents to solicit questions for the meeting (open until Tuesday, September 13th); verify the anonymous form is still in place and working correctly. 
    • Introduce new members. 
    • Discuss reclassification statement.  
    • CAP update. 
    • Annual evaluation issues. 
    • Professional development fund amounts.  
  • Any items for Sept 26 EC meeting 
    • This will be the first EC meeting since Janelle and Megan became co-chairs.  
    • Tracy suggested that the EC meeting would be the better place to have an LCIT conversation than in our quarterly meeting with the dean.  
    • John, having been co-chair in the past, gave the committee a sense of what attendance at an EC meeting is like and processes for adding material to the agenda. 
  • CAP updates 
    • Welcome meeting for new members. 
    • Discussion of the AP grievance process and training.  
    • CAP handles policy grievances while the Office of Inclusion addresses larger grievances related to the workplace. 
    • There is a statute of limitations on this process (6 months), so it is advisable to bring the issue up rather than wait to see if the issue sorts itself out, only to find your no longer able to report the issue. 
      • Question: What kinds of documentation are necessary/helpful when reporting a grievance? Will suggests the website should be referenced because there is a sample grievance case that can be useful to understanding what types of documents/information should be recorded for grievance support. Also, a statement of requested outcome is also helpful. For instance, requesting an apology or assignment to a new department can be consider and potentially granted.  
      • Question: Jake Metz was involved in CAP level committee work centered around the CS-P reclassification process. Is that work still being done, and do we have a representative there? Eric believes that Jake Metz was asked to continue participating in that work even though he is no longer a district representative on CAP. 

Meeting adjourned at 1:54 pm.