September 7, 2016 Meeting of Social Science

Time and Location of Meeting

September 7, 201610:00 am - 11:30 am 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Lisa Romero (SSD Coordinator), Susan Avery, Peg Burnette, Karen Hogenboom, Cindy Ingold, Nancy O’Brien, JJ Pionke, Beth Sheehan, Yoo-Seong Song, Dan Tracy, tephanie Baker, George Gottschalk, Lynn Wiley, Clara Chu, Susan Schnuer

Minute Taker: Cindy Ingold


  1. Approval of August 3 minutes.  Minutes were approved with changes.
  2. Announcements and Discussion Items:
    1. Sabbatical Applications
      1. Lisa went over the process. No one from SSD is planning a sabbatical for next year.
    2. Delivery of standing orders and Voyager fund reports
      1. Lynn, Stephanie, and George visited the division to answer questions about standing orders and other acquisitions-related issues.  Stephanie provided a brief history of fund reports.  They used to be separate spreadsheets on the g: drive; now they are listed from a link on the Acquisitions page.  If selectors want information about their funds from previous years, they can ask Lynn for a specialized report. Lynn can also put this big spreadsheet on the g: drive.
      2. Dan had gathered examples of problems with standing orders that we discussed. Lynn went over some history about standing orders especially related to the vendors we work with. The bottom line:  standing orders have been a problem since about 2009, because of company mergers and lack of expertise in existing companies.  Ebooks also became more prominent at the same time which complicated issues.  Lynn discussed issues and conerns with some of our big vendors such as EBSCO, Sage, Wiley, Palgrave/Nature/Springer.  EBSCO bought YPB.  Beth asked where we could find what continuations we have for our subjects.  If your fund pays for them, they will be in your 9 fund.  Several of the continuations are being paid for on other funds such as ind9 or cic9. Membership titles can also be confusing.  There is one PO for each membership, and then a suffix on that PO for the title.
    3. Other Questions:
      1. Email ertech to get an e-title in the catalog.
      2. Lynn wants to know what forums we would like.
      3. GOBI series are blocked on approval if someone else is supplying the title.
      4. Selectors should contact Faraba Parish with questions. She works with continuations and has a lot of experience with our vendors.
      5. Responding to a question about which Ebook is best to buy in GOBI, Lynn said don’t do Ebrary orother third party vendors (aggregators) with DRM.  EBSCO has DRM but is a little better than ebrary. The best vendors are the ones that do not have DRM (in other words prefer vendors where you can download the sections/titles you want for use offline, usually in pdf format, rather than having to use in the browser, print/download a limited number of pages, or check out the book through Adobe Digital Editions in a way that will disappear from your computer after the checkout period).
      6. Lynn thanked everyone for canceling serial titles.
      7. Kanopy will continue for this year.  All titles will be loaded in catalog.
    4. Visit from Mortenson
      1. Clara Chu and Susan Schnuer visited the SSD to talk about programs and activities from the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs. This is the 25th anniversary of the center. There are four programs in their purview: associates program; visitors program; partnerships; and lecture series.
        1. From September 24-30, a group of Master’s level students from the University of Pretoria will be visiting campus.
        2. The 27th annual lecture will feature Ann Morgan, a freelance writer and editor, who spent a year reading a book from every country of the world.  The International and Area Studies Library is hoping to sponsor a chai-wai event featuring Morgan, Marianna Tax Choldin, the founding director of the Mortenson Center with Barbara Jones as moderator.
        3. The associates program next year will focus on sustainable development
        4. The Center along with ALA received an IMLS grant to examine the needs of refugees and asylum seekers.  Find information about this project at  NOTE: This website does not appear to be on the Mortensen Center webpage.
        5. The Center is sponsoring the Libraries for Peace initiative to celebrate International Peace Day on September 21.  Mortensen and UGL are working with the Library Diversity Committee to plan activities for September 21 which is also Inclusive Illinois Day.  Libraries and individuals can go to the website and make a pledge or add a story.
        6. Mortenson is collaborating with the iSchool to have students write policy briefs on various topics.  The first theme for the policy briefs will be on Intangible Cultural Heritage.
        7. Susan discussed a three year partnership with the Gates Foundation called Global Libraries  now in its second year.  The project is to develop  a leadership curriculum for public libraries all over the world.  Right now, they are going to countries to train the trainers, but  they hope to develop the curriculum so anyone can pick it up, so they won’t have to train the trainers.  They want to develop modules  and materials that answer the question: What does everyone on the ground need to know?  All training sessions are being videotaped and evaluators are going on trips to do ongoing assessment.
  3. Reports
    1. We did not have time for reports.  They will be sent to the Division via email.