September 19, 2018 Meeting of Social Media Working Group

Time and Location of Meeting

September 19, 20182:00 pm - 3:00 pm 106 Main Library

Agenda Details


I. Introductions (what library, what SM accounts, etc.): 10 min.

II. Brief overview of Buffer and Pablo (Maria): 10 min.

III. Other attendees will be given the opportunity to discuss schedulers they use and the pros/cons (I’ll ask in the meeting announcement email for them to email me in advance if they want to do that): 5-10 min.

IV. Discussion of possible SM campaigns we can coordinate on over the course of the semester. Attendees can discuss current/planned campaigns and ask for promotional assistance, but we can also brainstorm as a group about possible things we could do: 10-15 min.

V. Wrap up- looking ahead (what we are planning for future meetings, soliciting meeting topic ideas for next semester): 5 min

Minutes Details


I. Introductions
II. Maria: Buffer
  • 10 posts in advance. Schedule 2 tweets/week for University Library account.
  • Chrome extension for buffer allows you to schedule retweets. Will see stack logo within Twitter.
  • Can’t create polls – have to do in realtime on twitter.
  • Free version doesn’t allow alt text for images. Have to do within Twitter
III. Maria: Pablo
  • Allows you to create small graphics for social media.
  • Sizes panel on right size – options for Pinterest, Instagram, FB, and Twitter.
  • Have licensed images from pixabay and unslash ready to choose from.
  • Some customizability re: resizing.
  • Can insert own image into Pablo.
  • Default is light contrast filter. Text almost unreadable without contrast
  • Have basic text features (font, bold, italic, paragraph alignment). Use for Wednesday Wisdom.
  • Different templates – can have more than 1 text box if you pick right template
  • Has ready made quotes if you push the arrow next to quotes. Random assortment – can’t really search.
  • Can share image to various platforms as well as schedule on buffer. Can also download.
  • Have pablo account if you have a buffer account.
IV. Chrissy: ExploreCU
  • Facebook and Twitter – posts same on both platforms
  • Used Hootsuire free version to schedule both platforms at once. Changed how many you can schedule to only 30 posts. Since 2 platforms at once it felt limiting with doing the Bicentennial campaign. Wants to schedule months in advance.
  • Moved to Tweetdeck for twitter account and facebook scheduler for facebook.
V. Xander: UGL
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Issues with Instagram schedulers – no internal way to do. Trying to scale up and do 5 posts/week. Have 2 people on instagram because need for content and form of creation.
  • There is a save as drafts so you don’t have to post as they are created.
  • Buffer has an option for instagram, but wants FB and instagram to be connected, but was having issues in that it was creating new accounts and threatening messages.
  • Looking at other options – Hootsuite also creates a new page in FB. Grainger didn’t have Facebook on Hootsuite and so things seemed to work on. Just use FB scheduler.
  • Instagram is a business instagram – provides analytics that a personal one doesn’t.
VI. Discussion:
  • Anyone can take a pic and send to UGL SM team so they can post and don’t always have to be at events.
  • Make a campaign for people sending you pics?
  • Hootsuite has hashtag stream to search to keep up to date. When retweeting be mindful of privacy settings because can’t always see.
  • Grainger has also asked for permission for sharing certain posts (ie designs, ec).
  • Funk has dummy login (Isaac Funk), so don’t have to connect personal accounts.
VII. Upcoming campaigns:
  • Banned books week – will be a display in Main (Lit and Lang) next week and UGL also setting up a table where students can write what free speech means to them.
  • Feature a banned book related to your unit?
  • Change word of banned book? Something about censorship? Banned Books  Silences Stories theme this year. All retweet and tag each other like the photo challenge.  #IlliniSpeakOut
  • Data Viz competition ends on the 23rd.
  • Global Media and info literacy week.
  • Voter registration day
  • Bicentennial Tuesdays
  • Human Library