October 20, 2003 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

October 20, 20031:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Training for new librarians-Woodard
    Outcome: Discuss responsibilities for training new librarians
    20 minutes
  2. Review position descriptions-Kelly
    Outcome: Understand position upgrade situation and process
    20 minutes
  3. Stacks Reconceptualization-K. Schmidt
    Outcome: Review input from Division, discuss next steps
    20 minutes
  4. Announcing New Faculty, Sabbatical Coverage Announcements-Kaufman
    Outcome: Responsibilities for making announcements
    10 minutes
  5. Announcement and Updates
    Announcement re: e-reserves from Tina
    10 minutes

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, Chair, Rod Allen, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Lisa German, Peggy Glatthaar, Lisa Hinchliffe, Lyn Jones, Cindy Kelly, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Sue Searing, Karen Wei, John Weible, Jane Williams (for Janis Johnston), Joyce Wright; Visitors – Beth Woodard


  1.  Training for new librarians – Woodard    The Staff Development and Training Committee is looking at a new Employee Orientation checklist.  They’ve developed a “Statement of Responsibilities for Training” that they would like the Divisions to look at and the Division Coordinators bring back input to the next AC meeting.
  2. Review position descriptions – KellyThere have been two official requests to audit position in the Library. Cindy had thirty days to set an audit date. After the person is audited, if s/he is doing work of a higher position, the position should be re-classified. If there is no money to re-classify, the job has to be restructured to fit the current classification. The position cannot be re-audited for six months-one year.

    Cindy would like to remind you that more duties do not necessarily qualify for an upgrade. The duties have to be of an increasing level of responsibility. She encourages supervisors and employees to evaluate current job descriptions and determine if the position might need to be upgraded and request an audit.  The job review can be done along with the yearly evaluation. If a request to do an audit comes from an employee, the supervisor will be notified.

  3. Stacks Reconceptualization – K. SchmidtThere were varying views by the different Divisions about the plan.

    Paula asked the Divisions to come up with a “top five” list of things they would like to see done with space. Betsy, Karen, Bob will look at the next steps to move forward.

  4. Announcing New Faculty, Sabbatical Coverage Announcements – KaufmanJust a reminder that Division Coordinators or Unit Heads are responsible for sending out LibNews when we have new staff or when someone else is covering an area during sabbaticals.
  5. Announcement and UpdatesE-reserves from Tina – E-reserves in UGL are up to 7,000 from last year’s total of 1,600 and 402 courses up from 239 courses.

    Burger – The deadline for Division Coordinators to submit sabbaticals is November 3. Let Bob know if you don’t have any. If you do, make an appointment with Bob to talk about sabbaticals and covering for them.

    Conflict of Interest forms are due to Donna by October 24.

    J. Wright – E.J. Josey visit is October 24. His lecture is at 1:00 in 213 Greg Hall.  UGL hours have been extended.

    Kelly – Cindy would like to know if anyone is allowing their employees to take UI courses without making up the time. She has a grievance regarding this issue and needs to know the Library’s common practice.

    Burger –Local 698 AFSCME contract expired 8/31/03. Bob is working with the labor negotiations.

    Jones – The Stukels will be hosting the Trustees for dinner and a tour of RBSC on November 12.

    We received a $25,000 donation from a couple who have never given us money because they were impresses with the Chancellor’s enthusiasm for the Library.

    Lyn asked that the different libraries send her a wishlist of some things they would like, that Lyn can use when talking to donors.