November 19, 2007 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

November 19, 20071:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Agenda Details


  1. GAs for FY09 and Employee Reclassifications
    Rod Allen
    30 min
  2. Webjunction Training
    Beth Woodard
    15 min
  3. Webcontent Training Update
    Beth Sandore
    15 min
  4. Budget Group + update
    Paula Kaufman
    20 min
  5. Announcements/Updates
    10 min

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Tony Hynes, Bill Maher, Larry Miller (for Karen Wei), Becky Smith (for Sue Searing), Mary Stuart, Tom Teper, Scott Walter, David Ward, Lynn Wiley, Greg Youngen, Rod Allen, Beth Woodard , Recording: Kim Matherl


  1. GAs for FY09 and Employee Reclassifications – Rod Allen
    1. Reclass for Civil Service StaffLast year we hoped to set up a pool and set aside dollars to do staff reclasses. We haven’t had enough money in the budget to set these funds aside. Therefore, supervisors need to be aware that when they make assignments, the work should fall under the description of the job class of the person they assign the work to. We hope to have enough money in FY09 for reclasses.
    2. Student wagesWe received one time money, $225,000, to cover the minimum wage increase for this year only. Next year the students will receive a 3.3% minimum wage increase, which will cost the Library $48,000. We need to reduce $273,000 from the student wage budget, which is $1,700,000. We have to get serious about reallocating staff to the hours that work best for the service points. Staff should no longer expect that their hours will always be 8:30am-5:00pm. The Budget Group will be looking closely at all requests to fill positions and how those positions are staffed.
    3. GA ProcessThe GEO contract gave the graduate students a 4% raise and raised the minimum grad level to 16%. That cost the Library $81,000 this year. Next year, the GEO will get another raise but we don’t know what will happen to the minimum level. The Budget Group is working under the following principles: a) contractual obligations will be met; b) GAs will continue to be used for strategic plans and processes and those involved in the New Service Models; c) GA positions will become more centralized; d) GAs must be doing pre-professional work.

      GSLIS knows we are looking at how GAs are being used in the Library and how many we can afford. We need to reduce our GA numbers by 10% or $117,000.

  2. Webjunction Training – Beth WoodardThis is a group of on-line materials available through the State Library, which is paying for the service. Beth was interested in how to get people at the appropriate level using this product. You have to register to use Webjunction and list the Library System Affiliation as Lincoln Trail, and enter your library.

    Most of the courses are self-paced. If you sign up for a course, the State Library has to pay for it, so Beth thinks it’s best if a person only signs up for one or two courses at a time. Employees should have their supervisor’s permission to take the courses during work time, but there is no official form that needs to be signed or sent to Library Human Resources.

  3. Webcontent Training Update – Beth SandoreDeferred to another meeting.
  4. Budget Group + update – Paula KaufmanPaula sent out the New Service Models (NSM) proposals. There will be an open meeting for staff on December 4, an open meeting for faculty on December 7 and several town meetings, for anyone interested, after the beginning of spring semester.

    Small planning groups are being chosen to work with different proposals. Charges and memberships of each will be reviewed by the Executive Committee.

    The Executive Committee and the Budget Group+ will be meeting with Mike Andrechek on December 7 to look at the overall budget picture. Division Coordinators are invited to join the meeting from 8:00-8:30 in 423 Library. Please let Kim Matherly know you are attending so we can have enough handouts.

  5. Announcements/UpdatesWard – will the GA exit interview guidelines be out in time for GAs departing at the end of this semester? EC is meeting on Monday to look at the guidelines.

    Chrzastowski – when is Microsoft 2007 coming out and when will it be installed in machines? Paula will ask Beth Sandore and Peggy Steele for an update.

    Wiley – Katie Dorsey has been delayed in coming to Acquisitions. Lynn will send a LibNews letting everyone know what CAMELS will be doing. If anyone has a pressing need, let Lynn know.