November 19, 2001 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

November 19, 2001

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Bart Clark, Alan Conrad, Roxanne Frey (for Lyn Jones), Richard Griscom, Barbara Henigman, Deloris Holiman, Barbara Jones, Cindy Kelly, Betsy Kruger, Nancy O’Brien, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Susan Schnuer (for Marianne Choldin), Paula Watson, Karen Wei, Jane Williams (for Janis Johnston), Joyce Wright


1. December 26 policies

The Library will be open from 1:00 – 4:45pm. If a unit doesn’t have enough coverage for that time period they should contact their Division Coordinator or Human Resources. Only one person is needed in each library during this period. Only Libraries in buildings that are locked may be closed.

Planning and Budgeting will check to see what the schedule is for each building being open on December 26. You should assume that your building will be open unless Planning & Budgeting contacts you. It was also confirmed that scheduling closures during lunch hours in not appropriate. If there is insufficient staff to provide coverage, Human Resources or the Division should be contacted to provide staff.

As an aside, it is imperative that all moves or work needing an O&M trade be scheduled and coordinated through the Planning and Budgeting office.

2. Work Stoppage

The impending work stoppage was discussed.

3. Serials Implementation

The committee met last week. The first task is to repeat the survey that was done in 1998. The survey asks for staffing levels, equipment that can be used for serial check in, and how many serials received directly. The second task is to begin the thought process and to get people to identify and write down all the database control numbers for their active serials.

4. Oak Street Selection

Selection of items for Oak Street must begin. The hope is that one million volumes will be selected by this time next year. A form has been sent out asking for detailed information. This information is critical but Betsy will try to modify and simplify the form. It is not expected that this will be a title by title selection process. One possibility is to look for whole series that can be transferred.

The plan is that as books are sent from the libraries to the stack, the same number of books in stacks should be selected to go to Oak Street to avoid the overcrowding in the stacks that there is now. The other alternative is that books are sent directly to Oak Street. There will be meetings of Division Coordinators on December 3 and December 17 to discuss workflow, schedules, and targets for selection.

5. Communication #21


EC has asked for AC’s input regarding setting librarianship goals for faculty. AC’s consensus response (with one dissension) is to try the following for 1-2 years: Assistant librarians set goals with the heads of their units, head of units set goals with division coordinators, division coordinators set goals with their division advisory committees and with the University Librarian. It was also recommends that there be meetings on a quarterly basis to discuss progress. With this recommendation comes another to provide quality training on goal-setting.