November 14, 2017 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

November 14, 201710:00 am - 11:00 am 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


Minute Taker: Laila Hussein Moustafa

  1. Approve October meeting minutes – All
  2. Cultural Connections event: December 5 – Laila and Heather
  3. Building Library Community Committee update – Cindy
  4. Spring Programming Ideas
    • Additional training from ISSS in January – Zoe
    • Cultural Connections series ideas
      • One on Peace
    • Archives 150 Speaker Series
    • Events with iSchool Diversity Comittee
    • Other
  5. Next Meeting is December 12: Should we cancel?

Minutes Details


Cindy Sue Ingold, Zoe P Revell, Jessica Ballard, Angie Gruendl, Heather Murphy, JJ Pionke, Donna Hoffman


Minute Taker: Cindy Ingold and Heather Murphy

  1. October meeting minutes were approved as amended. Angie had a question about where to post the minutes. We all agreed to put them on the new word press site.
  2. Heather updated the committee about the Cultural Connections event on December 5. It will be in 106 Main Library; Heather to make flyer (3-4 to Angie for Grainger, Chemistry and Math) and send out event info to LIB-NEWS and LON. She will also notify the students’ unit libraries, Tracy Kleparski for Inclusive Illinois, the iSchool Diversity Committee (Kate Williams), and International Scholar Services (Amari). Heather will connect with Laila about the refreshments.


    NOTE: Come up with communications protocol for the committee, i.e. where to send info when advertising events.

  3. Cindy updated the committee about the idea for a new Building Library Community Committee. George Gottschalk and Zoe are meeting with Bill Mischo, Acting University Librarian and Dean of the Library, tomorrow about various ideas from SDTC; they will mention this committee too. LSSC and others are meeting with Bill on Nov 29 to discuss this idea.
  4. Spring Programming Ideas
    • Additional training from ISSS at the end of Jan or beginning of Feb.
    • Cultural Connections – Emily talked to Clara about doing a culture of peace and would invite individuals to share their perspectives and experiences (four people already in mind).
    • Another idea is an event tied to Black History Month or Women’s History Month (national month celebrations).
    • Maybe something around implicit bias (a university professor’s research); Zoe to start working on a workshop for the spring.
    • Not necessarily Diversity Committee, but something about sexual harassment is coming to the Library. ODEA has a senior leader who will come by in early December to give a 30-minute overview and take questions. Advertise this to iSchool
    • University Archives Speaker Series should be continuing in the spring. Diversity Committee could co-sponsor and contribute refreshments.
    • iSchool Diversity Committee – Zoe to check with this committee since she hasn’t heard of anything they are doing. We can work with them on any spring events.
    • A Home of Their Own video – is there anything the Committee can do with this?
    • Invite Cultural Houses to the Marshall Gallery for an open house with tables for each; maybe co-sponsor with the iSchool; including resource centers (women and LGBT). Try to publicize events more.
    • Make sure to publicize ally training.
  5. Trans Day of Remembrance is on November 20, 2017 – table in the Main Library corridor with a handout or board/Post It notes (symbol is a candle); two tables and some chairs; scheduling coming soon; JJ and Zoe to coordinate and Angie will provide paper candles to color.

  6. We will meet on December 12