May 6, 2002 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

May 6, 20021:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Bob Burger, Marianna Choldin, Tina Chrzastowski, Bart Clark, Susan Edwards (for Deloris Holiman), Bernice Harrington (for Cindy Kelly), Barb Henigman, Barbara Jones, Lyn Jones, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Nancy O’Brien, Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Jane Somera, Paula Watson, Karen Wei, John Weible, Joyce Wright, Jennifer Hain-visitor, Tom Teper-visitor


  1.   Oak Street Selection – Burger, Kruger, Schmidt      The coordinators met on April 6 and drafted protocols that were sent out to divisions.  These protocols were discussed by the divisions and the coordinators voiced some concerns from the divisions.  These concerns included:  1) the ability of selectors to review any monographs selected according to the protocols; 2) the ability of the selectors to determine the time period acceptable for them.  There must be assurance that provisions to upgrade the catalog records be made in a timely fashion; 3) the caveat that non-circulation should not be seen as a major criterion.  It was suggested that Karen Schmidt or Bob Burger (or both) should meet with each unit head to discuss any special problems that might arise in selection.  Some libraries wanted to do the selection work and determine the timeline for selecting books from stacks themselves, but the AC acknowledged that we have been at this for five months and the setting up of the protocols with selector review would be a more efficient way to carry this out.  However, they encouraged those libraries that wanted to select themselves to continue to do so and let the bookstacks office know that they had selected specific areas already.  Some libraries didn’t like the idea of an appeal board, but then it was explained that the function of the appeal board was to resolve disputes between selectors in the same section of the stacks.

    It was agreed that an initial review will be made whereby materials coming to circulation will be streamered but then the selectors can go through and pull any streamers from books they would like to retain.

    In summary, regarding the protocols:

    Monographs need to have a fail safe mechanism so selectors can see what’s been selected by this criteria and have the opportunity to de-select something by pulling the slip out.  In cases of conflict between two selectors or the Oak Street Selection Committee, that will be resolved by an appeals board.

    If you have slips that need to be turned in do so by May 13.  A LIBFAC will be sent out to remind divisions.  If selectors have specific criteria questions they should contact someone on the committee.

    The proposed timeline for beginning faux Oak Street is approximately mid-June.

  2. Preservation Policy – Tom Teper      The Preservation Policy Statement is intended as a general library document for the Library system dealing with the preservation program.  It will be the basis for the development of other preservation policies.  The policy has been reviewed by CDC and approved although one member discussed adding the statement “assuming it is fiscally viable and considering economic reality.”

    AC approved the statement.

  3. Stabilization of Collections Materials for Transfer to Oak Street – Teper      The question arose as to what to do with materials that need work.  Although this does not address the funding of stabilization efforts, this document gives stax staff some guidance about what they should be doing so the work won’t need to be re-done down the road.

    AC approved the statement.

  4. ISSC PR Recommendations      Publicizing Voyager to Library Patrons – would like three recommendations endorsed.

    AC approved and Bob will let them know.

    The recommendation is regarding the use of Voyager reserve client.  The message would come from the Voyager Circ Team on May 3.  Some divisions want more feedback from the people who do reserves – if there are objections please send them to Betsy within two weeks.  If there are no objections this can be considered approved and each unit should send someone to reserve training.

  5.   Duty officer Role in Main, UGL, Grainger, ACES – Clark

    The purpose of the duty officer is to have a designated individual in each unit responsible for these units after 5pm on weekdays and for all hours on weekends.  Circulation will have the duty officer for the Main Library.  Undergrad, Grainger and ACES should have a GA or staff member responsible for the building and who will be the designated contact with the security guards.  Each of these units needs to provide a type of person(s) who will be the duty officer and let Bart know who that is so the information can be disseminated.  It needs to be understood in each of the units who this is so there isn’t confusion and so the security guards know who to interact with.

  6.   Fiscal Controls and Internal Accounting – Clark

    The State of Illinois exercises certain fiscal control and internal auditing. If you are carrying a check from someone or an invoice please turn it into the Business Office at your earliest convenience.

    Any moving of equipment that is inventoried must be documented with Rob Hildreth of the Business Office.  This includes moving items from room to room.  Items taken from campus must have a form filled out for them and receive approval from Rob.

    Contracts cannot have changes made by an individual.  Those changes must be made through the Business Office.

  7. Announcements and Updates      The Serials Implementation Team will be contacting Unit Heads within a week.  They are being asked to confirm the data from the 1998 survey which asked what equipment and staffing you have for serial implementation.  All that needs to be done is to look up the 1998 data and say yes if it’s still correct or send them the corrections if something has changed.