May 16, 2013 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

May 16, 2013

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IASL Faculty-Staff Meeting Minutes   May 16, 2013

In Attendance:  Lenkart, Rudasill, Thacker, Miller, Kagan, Jiang, Carns, Condill, Svoboda, Hussein, Pfeiffer


  1. Laila provided a tour for librarians from Washington University in St. Louis. She encouraged them to attend the upcoming webinar on E-research. She promised to send the IASL faculty-staff an email containing the details of this webinar.
  2. The IASL Slavic Reference Service is presenting a webinar for ASEEES

(Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies) on May 29 at 2pm

This is for members only.

  1. Reports
  2. Reference and User Services–Mara
  3. GAs for 2013-2014 are
  4. Ashley Sheriff
  5. Quetzalli Barrientos
  6. Sveta Stotycheva
  7. Orientation: All GAs will participate in required GA orientation from August 16-22.
  8. IASL Orientation will take place on August 23.
  9. Our training will cover supervisory training, a hands-on desk tutorial, user services

IASL wiki and web page, and a skills inventory of the new GA crew.

IASL Training Session will end with a barbecue at the Illini Grove.

  1. During the semester, each faculty member will hold an instructional session with the GAs.
  2. At this time, Mara is requesting that each faculty member submit a list of sample reference questions to her so that she can give the GAs an idea of what kinds of questions might be asked.
  3. Mara also asks that faculty members send her a list of probable projects for the GAs for the academic year before the orientation date of August 23.

Website review and user study

  1. We finally received funding for the redevelopment of the IASL homepage, so Lynne is looking for volunteers who will take an online tutorial-Human Subjects Training
  2. Lynne shared powerpoint slides prepared with data from Google analytics.
  3. Available on the G drive IAS/Statistics/Google AnalMay 2013
  4. Turkish and Persian materials are being accessed so there is a market for these materials.
  5. Intensive testing will occur at the beginning of the fall semester
  6. Volunteers should contact Lynne before May 29.
  7. IASL Statistics
  8. Liz prepared an extensive report on IASL statistics from various sources: the website, the blog, Desk Tracker and other tools.
  9. This can be found on G/ IAS/ Statistics/IAS StatMockup
  10. Slavic Reference Service
  11. Joe Lenkart’s participation at the Seventh biennial library conference in Uzbekistan. [Kit Condill attended this conference in 2010.]
  12. Discussions on the promotion of electronic resources, and library services.
  13. UIUC SRS needs digitized materials from their collection
  14. UIUC PhD candidate is doing linguistics research on Uzbekistan.
  15. SRS Summer Lab—June 10-August 15.
  16. Busiest point will be in June.
  17. Seventy confirmed reservations.
  18. Two main events:
  19. Translation workshop
  20. Fisher Forum
  21. There are about 25 individual research consultations which have been arranged.

Round Robin–Summer activities and Beyond

  1. Paula C. will be preparing to go on sabbatical in November.
  2. Larry will be slaving with the Slavs.
  3. Liz will be continuing to work on the stats and the scholarly publishing database.
  4. Lynne will be hiring Grad Hourlies and testing the website set-up, and will be attending QQML in Rome and then will be on vacation until June 24.
  5. Shuyong will be attending conferences in China in July.
  6. Mara will be attending the QQML conference in Rome and will be presenting a paper there with Tom Teper.
  7. Joe will be here at the UIUC SRS
  8. Debora will be working at IASL the whole summer.
  9. Laila will attend ALA and then will prepare for a ME conference.
  10. Al has a grant to finish the Maps of Africa project; he’ll work on the book he’s writing with Atoma. He and Atoma also have a grant to work on the Maps of Africa to 1900 digitization project.