May 10, 2015 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

May 10, 2015225 B Main Library

Agenda Details


Greg Knott – Minute Taker

  1. Approve April Minutes
  2. Lori Mestre: Anti-Oppression Workshops: Evaluation and Next Steps (15 min.)
  3. ClimateQUAL Response Team Report (Cindy)
    1. Diversity Committee Role (20 min.)
  4. Planning a potluck event for the summer
  5. Diversity and Multicultural Information LibGuide
    1. Updates and Nest Steps
  6. Other News and Updates.

Minutes Details


Ellen, Heather, Erik, Cindy, Lori, MJ, Greg, Harriett, Zoe and Laila


  1. Brief discussion of the Potluck event to be held June 8, 2016 at the University YMCA
  2. Zoe discussed the survey that was sent out in regards to anti-oppression workshops.
  3. Lori Mestre reported on the practicum that was done by a GSLIS student this past spring.  Discussion if there should be a compass website on the survey.
    • Lori would like someone from the Diversity Committee to work with on this project.  Cindy Ingold volunteered to be the rep.
    • Feedback was provided to the student on the workshop, so changes were made from day 1 to day 2.
    • Hopeful that feedback will be received.  Could a program be modified after the Great Customer Service trainings?
    • Should something be included in the unit annual report on diversity activities?
    • Include some of this material in the GA training?
  4. Climate Qual report:  Cindy will be working with the Center for Training and Professional Development to set up focus groups this summer. .  Library communication is the topic.  Cindy is working on asking people to participate.  We need to develop an implementation team.  Cindy will be meeting with John Wilkin on the topic and looking for volunteers for the team.  Zoe and Qiang volunteered to serve on the team.  Should we reach out to other groups such as LSSC, AP council and HR staff training committee?  Discussion of adding timelines to the ClimateQual plan.
  5. Library diversity statement – should this be reviewed?  Last done in 2010.
  6. Discussion of the diversity committee reviewing what activities and trainings have been done by the committee over the last couple of years.
  7. LibGuides – committees don’t create LibGuides, but Cindy can help put one together on diversity.  Zoe will work with Crystal to make a web transition to the Libguide.
  8. Announcements – Interviews for Associate Provost of Diversity were being held.  Cindy has attended these.  May 23 a racial justice training is being held.  June 9 and 10 is supervisor training.