March 6, 2019 Meeting of Social Science

Time and Location of Meeting

March 6, 201910:00 am - 11:30 am 225b Main Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Minute taker: JJ Pionke

In attendance: JJ Pionke, Lisa Romero, Cindy Ingold, Yali Feng, Carissa Phillips, Lynne Rudasill, David Ehrenhart (Fire Service Institute Library), Lian Ruan (Fire Service Institute Library)

Apologies: Gennye Varvel, Nancy O’Brien, Yoo-Seong


  1. Approval of December 5 minutes (see G:/Social Sciences Division/MINUTES/DRAFT Minutes). Minutes Approved
  2. Reports (limit to no more than 30 minutes)
    1. Area Studies Division rep to SSD (Rudasill) – Working on Strategic Planning, Atoma is away right now, Laila is back, continuing with events on various international items, Steve is on Sabbatical,
    2. Collection Development Committee (Feng) – Please spend your money!, CD statements need a review and update and a group might be formed to develop a new template, Oxford UP deal – UIUC will be the destination home for materials, $4 million in gift funds available
    3. Data Discovery and Access Committee (Phillips) – Carissa is replacing Hogenboom and DDAC has been disbanded in favor of creating the Data Interest Group which Phillips will report to SSD on, if people are looking to purchase data please contact Phillips, currently a Gallup Analytics trial going on until March 15
    4. Diversity Committee (Ingold, Pionke) – Planning some events this spring, Dean is sponsoring 2 staff people to go to IDEALS ’19, creating an event planning checklist, Barbara Jones will come and talk about White Fragility on April 18th
    5. Faculty Review Committee (O’Brien) – NA
    6. LSSC Representative (Varvel) – emailed report
    7. Reference Management Team (Feng) – Subject Areas listing is being revised and there was discussion about how many subject areas there should be, SSD asked for more information from RMT, GA orientation and reference training being reviewed, reference survey is currently going on and please make sure that you give out the survey to people, trial of Reference Universe
    8. SSD rep to Central Public Services Division (Ingold) – The last meeting discussed strategic planning
    9. Staff Development & Training Committee (Ingold, Pionke) – Working on a proposal to get 106 equipped with video recording and broadcasting equipment, committee also discussed how to help with the various transitions that are happening in the library (renovation and ILS), Fire Service visitors informed division that there is a room available at Fire Service Institute to use for recording Skype for Business Meeting
  1. Announcements and Discussion Items:
    1. Subject Specialist Directory (Feng) – discussed in the RMT section
    2. New Division Rep to CDC – Cindy Ingold has volunteered to replace Yali Feng
    3. Strategic Planning (Pionke) – We did a SOAR analysis
  1. Round Robin

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