March 6, 2014 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

March 6, 2014

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IAS Staff Meeting

February 20, 2014

Present:  Jan Adamczyk, Atoma Batoma, Kit Condill, Shuyong Jiang, Laila Hussein, Shuyong Jiang, Lisa Renee Kemplin, Joe Lenkart, Larry Miller, Yuriko Ono, Xiaoping Qi, Lynne Rudasill, Yoo-Seong Song, Antonio Sotomayor, Mara Thacker, Dmitry Tartakovsky, and Steve Witt

Guests: Mary Laskowski and Michael Norman


  1. IAS Oak Street location is up and running. A new transfer program will be up in about a week. The new links for transfers will be distributed to staff that send items to Oak Street. These procedures will replace the streamer system.
  2. CAM is participating in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation Pilot Project for cataloging foreign language materials. 60 Hungarian items will be sent to Michigan and 60 Hindi items will be sent to Chicago. The U. of I. will receive items in Arabic, Russian, and Hebrew. Each university will be using their own rules and follow PCC guidelines. U of I. will attach holdings and classifications on the items upon return.
  3. SWEEPS week is March 10-16.
  4. Please bring headsets to the Blackboard training in RM 314 on March 13.
  5. Bulletin board display outside of IAS is completed. Please reference email sent earlier regarding dimensions for posters to fit within the center of the new bulletin board display.
  6. The Community & Campus Day of Service is Saturday, April 5. Please feel free to recruit IAS staff for a group or join another group of volunteers.
  7. IAS bowling party is Friday at 6pm at Old Orchard Lanes in Savoy.


  1. Michael distributed a spreadsheet listing the total number of titles broken down by languages that have been catalogued for 2003-2014.
  2. Recommendations from the white paper were discussed. The focus was on better communication and input into foreign language cataloging. IAS suggested meeting with the CAM Leadership Team to help coordinate efforts. It was suggested that this group would meet every other month.
  3. A separate working group made up of Kit, Larry, Steve, and Mary will meet to address the Slavic back log.
  4. A working group made up of Lisa Renee, Steve, Xiaoping, Antonio, Yuriko, and Larry will meet to identify procedures for handling and overseeing of use for the non-circulating IAS Oak Street materials.
  5. A form for IAS volunteers was developed to accommodate a current volunteer working with Laila. The form can be found on the G drive. HR asked to be mindful of how many hours are assigned and that it is best if the volunteers have an affiliation with the university. International students’ status should be checked to make sure that they can legally volunteer.
  6. Antonio passed out the preliminary plan that was developed at the first Naming Exhibit Meeting on February 27. Staff and students are encouraged to contribute. Lynne will take North-Western Europe (selected). China and Slavic are open. The exhibit will be installed September 1, 2014.
  7. SRS/ASEEES will host a national webinar on March 27 at 1pm. Slavic staff and students will be leading various sessions. All are encouraged to participate.