March 4, 2002 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

March 4, 20021:30 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Jan Adamczyk (for Jane Somera), Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Bart Clark, Susan Edwards (for Deloris Holiman), Roxanne Frey (for Lyn Jones), Bernice Harrington (for Cindy Kelly), Barb Henigman, Barb Jones, Kathleen Kluegel, Betsy Kruger, Nancy O’Brien, Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt, Susan Schnuer (for Marianna Choldin), Paula Watson, Karen Wei, Joyce Wright, Visitor-Peggy Steele


  1. ISSC Report – Steele
    • biggest change is that Endeavor will consist of 44 databases instead of one shared database
    • databases will reside on the SUN server and will be maintained by AITS
    • UIC will have its holdings in the system
    • we will be able to see serial current issue data
    • this is a two phase project; phase one is complete
    • cutover to Voyager will happen in summer 2002
    • specifications for DRA data conversion and III conversion have already been sent to Endeavor
    • in a couple of weeks Endeavor will begin test loading UIUC’s records
    • March 22: DRA database will be frozen in terms of bibliographic records, items and holdings
    • approximately May 10 expect to begin using Voyager for cataloging
    • end of April – design of customized web OPAC completed
    • end of May-web OPAC implemented
    • mid-June-DRA circulation will be frozen
    • a couple of days later, we will resume circulation on Voyager
    • July-Endeavor will index universal catalog
    • July-Endeavor will put finishing touches on universal borrowing setup for ILCSO
    • early August-ILCSO/Voyager will go live with universal catalog and universal borrowing
    • after day one, we will begin migrating serials check-in operations to Voyager in the Acquisitions department and the unit libraries
    • fall-regular billing from Voyager to campus
    • July 1, 2003-Voyager for Acquisitions
    • control of patron updates-they can be done more frequently
    • training-Beth Woodard is chair of the training team
    • 3/15 Launch briefing
    • after March 22 no new books will appear in the catalog to be checked out – that includes every library in the system
    • Peggy Steele and John Weible will send out LIBNEWS updates to keep everyone informed
  2. International Visitors-ClarkIf libraries have international visitors coming that want to see several places in the library, these visits should be coordinated through the University Librarians office.
  3. International Strategy-KaufmanThe divisions are consumed by Oak Street and Voyager discussions.  The committee will look at this again at the end of April.
  4. Updates and AnnouncementsPolicy Governing Placement of Materials (information item) – Kruger

    Espresso Coffee Shop will open outside of Undergrad on March 6.  Therefore the food policy will need to be enforced.  There is no food or drink allowed in the library with the exception of drinks in spill-proof containers and with the exception of Rare Book and Collections where no drinks are allowed at all.  Espresso sells such containers or you may provide your own; they plan to have containers with the library logo on them in the future.  Espresso will be open the same hours as the Undergraduate Library.

    Chancellor’s Gender Equity Task Force – It is important to communicate with the job candidates to let them know about the process of the search, especially when the search is taking a long time to complete.  The chair of the search committee can make personal contact with the candidate or Human Resources can contact the candidate.

    Head of Serials Candidate will be giving a presentation March 5, with a second candidate on March 6, and another candidate on March 11.

    Oak Street selection – if you find items published before 1750, please bring them to Gil Witte.

    Japanese Librarian began February 27.  Cindy Ingold-Gender & Women Studies Librarian- will begin on March 18.  Naun Chew, science cataloger, will start on March 21.

    There have been many printer systems/graphic services problems.  Systems is writing a new program but it is not yet completed.