June 4, 2013 Meeting of Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

June 4, 20131:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Carns, Michael Fleming, Cindy Ingold, Cindy Kelly, Mary Laskowski, Lucy Moynihan, Susan Schnuer, Cherie Weible, Beth Woodard, Zoe Revell


  1.  Needs Assessment (Jen-Chien Yu and Jim Dohle, guests)
    1. Discuss IT survey and Implications for training
    2. Discuss alternatives for doing needs assessment for IT and other areas

                                                               i.      Discuss taking down the Experts List.  It appears that people are finding what they need from YouTube, Lynda.com, etc.

                                                             ii.      What our users need?

  1. Unit head focus
  2. Public services loop—a travelling road show where are the needs for public services
  3. IT advisory group?
  4. Use what you have
  5. Ithaka survey data forum in February
    • Open access #1
    • Impact factors #3
    • Where to publish
    • Web skills, public web presence #2
  6. Research outputs
    •  Scanning
    • Digitization
  7. Copyright
  8. Standardized questions for training event follow-up
  • What did you learn?
  • How can you apply this on the job

    9. How can we get information from unit annual reports on training needs?

  • Ideas for how to do better needs assessment
  • Card sorts
  • Vote on web pages

 10.  Budget expenditures (update)

11.  Webinars:

  1. Need a host for the webinar, Sparking Innovation in Your Library:  Lessons from startup, R&D and venture capital Thursday, June 13 1-2:30 in 314 Library
  2. Zoe is hosting “I Didn’t Know I Could Do That.”  Government Resources for Citizens on Friday, June 7
  3.  Information Items
    1. Retreat
  •  Sent to EC, have heard no feedback
  •    Sent 2 page summary on May 30th
  •    Culture of change as a future retreat topic?

12.  Lamp update (Cindy Ingold)

13. Wellness activities (Zoe Revell)

  • CPR Workshop Update
  • Blood drives
  • Carle blood pressure checks and carpal tunnel awareness sessions
  • Group doing basketball and softball
  • Orientation checklist and follow up
    • Checklists
    • Supervisory training
      • 2 more sessions have been contracted with Shirley Stelbrink
  •    Crucial conversations—May 21 had 15 in attendance
  •    Cooperative communication skills will be held June 6
  •     Follow up workshop on flexing to other’s styles has been suggested

14. Training topics suggested:

  • Team building
  • Gifts and Endowments Training—May 14 and 23rd
  • Website—Continuation of discussion

15. Next meeting:  Tuesday, July 2 1:30-3pm in 428 Library

  • Here: Michael, Lucy, Paula, Mary, Cindy I., Zoe, Beth (returning from ALA)
  • Not here:  Kim, Susan, Lisa
  • Following meeting:  Tuesday, August 6, 1:30-3 pm in 428 Library
  • Here:  Michael, Paula, Mary, Zoe, Lisa, Kim
  • Not here:  Lucy, Cindy I, Beth

Beth will cancel both of these sessions and have one meeting in between the two dates.  Look for invitations to your calendars.