July 17, 2006 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

July 17, 20061:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Active Directory login at Circ desks
    Beth Sandore, John Weible,Sue Searing, Betsy Kruger
    20 minutes
  2. Equipment Loan program from Systems
    John Weible
    20 minutes
  3. Time outs for browser
    Beth Sandore, John Weible, Bill Maher
    15 minutes
  4. Oak Street Processing
    Betsy Kruger
    20 minutes
  5. Volunteers for new agenda committee for AC for FY 2007
    5 minutes
  6. Other

Minutes Details


Bob Burger-acting chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Janis Johnston, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Beth Sandore, Karen Schmidt, Sue Searing, Dee Shonkwiler, Karen Wei, Lynn Wiley, Greg Youngen (for Diane Schmidt), Visitor: John Weible, Recording: Kim Reynolds


  1.   Active Directory login at Circ desks (Beth Sandore, John Weible,Sue Searing, Betsy Kruger)
    Discussion on this item focused on a document distributed to AC just prior to the meeting.  This document set forth a proposed set of procedures that would ensure security and still meet the service needs of our patrons. Initially, Systems set up a beta test in the Library and Information Science Library. It was determined that they need a larger test sight and Betsy volunteered the Circ Desk to test the new system. The procedures outlined in the distributed document were to be followed at these beta sites to determine the affect they would have on both workflow and service. Members of the Administrative Council were also encouraged to submit both to John and the AC, other potential problems with System’s plan.  Once the beta tests are completed at these two circ points and the concerns addressed, John will return to the AC with a revised proposal for AC’s consideration.
  2. Equipment Loan program from Systems (John Weible)Systems is the new department for loaning equipment including the RPC laptops. It was suggested that a list of tips of what to do and not do with equipment, such as never check a laptop in your luggage, be attached to the equipment. Systems would like to know how they should handle a situation when someone loses or damages loaned equipment. They will come up with a policy that will come back to AC for approval and will probably include some kind of liability review board.
  3. Time outs for browser (Beth Sandore, John Weible, Bill Maher)There were questions about how to keep the browser open on the machine so you don’t have to wait for it to come up while you’re waiting on a customer. Time outs have not been working in the past but have started to work. How long should they be set for? Should a default browser be set to always be available on the computer in a minimized size so the patron can see what else is on the desktop? Send any concerns to John Weible and copy AC.
  4. Oak Street Processing (Betsy Kruger)Stacks is filling up, especially in the 800 and 900 series. Soon libraries will be expected to send the same number of books to Oak Street from Stacks as they send to Stacks. When should that start? The question will be posted to CDC at its next meeting.
  5. Volunteers for new agenda committee for AC for FY 2007 (Bob)
    Tina Chrzastowski and Greg Youngen volunteered.
  6. OtherChrzastowski – After 90 years in the same space, Chemistry is moving on July 18 to its new space in 170 Noyes Lab. Preservation and Conservation Association (PACA) will be taking the cast iron shelving and the crown molding from the old space.

    Burger – July 25 is the date set for the first mediation meeting between the University and AFSCME 698.