January 21, 2016 Meeting of Area Studies

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January 21, 2016

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IAS Staff Meeting

Reference User Services

January 21, 2016

Present: Jan Adamczyk, Kit Condill, Lisa Renee Kemplin, Joe Lenkart, Laila Hussein Moustafa, Xiaoping Qi, Robert Sarwark, Adrienne Seely, Antonio Sotomayor, Mara Thacker, and Steve Witt 

Announcements & Accolades:


  1. Activities for spring 2016 in IAS. YMCA ISSS Resource Fair table, February 10 4-7pm. Chai Wai March 8 3-4:30 on Brazil and the Olympics. Three panelists and coinciding exhibit for the month of March. Steve proposes a Chai Wai during International Week which is April 4-10 on the topic of Global Health. Mara is coordinating a film screening in April with cosponsors of the Women’s Center and Spurlock Museum. Possible Peace Corps panel coordinated by Rob end of March in Rm 106.

Laila suggested a workshop focusing on international diversity. It was suggested that this be a Chai Wai in the fall coordinated with iTEC.

The bookmarks and IAS brochures need to be updated with information for Kit and Marek.

  1. There are two Summer Research Labs scheduled for this upcoming summer—Global Studies (last two weeks of July) and REEEC (summer). The Global Studies lab will target community college instructors. It was suggested that we know the areas of interest for participants so that we can ensure that someone from the region will be available as a resource.
  2. Shared table topics from library retreat participants.


  1. Reference Management Team will be piloting a new consultation service point to maximize subject specialist’s time. They also will be conducting an assessment of users.
  1. New Student Assistants include Ruyu and SooJung. Returning students include Lauren, Beichen, and Silvia. New Graduate Hourly Solani. New practicum students are Stephanie and Jennifer. Rob is working on the picture board for RM 329. Please make them feel welcome.