February 9, 2012 Meeting of Area Studies

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February 9, 2012

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IAS Library Faculty and Staff Meeting February 9, 2012—Minutes

In Attendance: Steve Witt, Marek Sroka, Larry Miller, Al Kagan, Lynne Rudasill, Shuyong Jiang, Helen Sullivan, Jan Adamczyk, Joe Lenkart, Maria Nowak, Yuriko Oono, Xiaoping Qi, Greg Kiselev, Denise Sampson, Debora Pfeiffer

–Mara Thacker (Visiting South Asian Studies Librarian) will arrive on February 16.

Joe Lenkart has been asked to orient her to the library and to her new environment.

February 13—F & S will hang frames on the IAS library walls.

We still need SE Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern materials.

Debora is working on this.

If you want to have pictures hung in your office area, please mark the area with post-it notes.

–Filling the display cases for the North-South Corridor on the first floor of Main.

Lynne R. and Marek planned to meet at 11am 2/9 to discuss.

Steve suggested that they contact Helaine Silverman.

–Talking points for tours still needed from IAS faculty members.

Due by Tuesday 2/14; Al has submitted his.

–GA allocations for IAS. In the fall of 2012 we will have three 25% time positions.

Language and other requirements still to be determined. (Probably Chinese, possibly other.) We need to create a job description, then advertise.

— Reference and User Services Group to be formed.

Members are: Debora (convener), Helen, Joe, Lynne. This group will implement a service plan so that this can be in place by fall 2012.

(IAS obligated to provide  three hours of service at Central Access Services Reference Kiosk.) We need to track reference questions Desk tracker will assist. We should use theREAD scale. We will incorporate use of Squirrel Mail into our procedures. We plan to train GAs and staff, and involve faculty in the sharing of expertise. We will talk about our vision for the IAS library: what services  we offer, and how we will offer them.

–Serials Check-In

At this time, Slavic, African, and English serials check in is performed in Acquisitions. Mainly CJK serials are checked in at IAS by these student and grad hourly workers:

  1. Chenghuai Zhou—Chinese
  2. Jung-Won Suh—Korean
  3. Ryuta Komaki—Japanese

There were several answers to this question: “Are unbound serials allowed to circulate? ” Circulation of serials was allowed  in the past by the Asian Library on a case-by-case basis: the desk supervisor decided what to do.

A new Serials Management Group was created: Debora (convener), Shuyong, Marek, Helen, and Larry will decide on a (one single) policy for unbound serials checkout. After that, we will decide about security stripping and statuses in Voyager. We need to talk to Lynn Wiley in Acquisitions about Library-wide policy.

We should also consider the checkout of monographs/reference materials. It appears that all staff have made exceptions for the non-circ policy for reference items. The consensus is that a definitive circulation policy is needed.

–Lynne:  discussed marketing grants.  Those managing the grants are looking for innovation:

  1. Electronic bookmarks, pens with thumb drives

Lynne will put her cell phone # at the desk so that staff and patrons can find her. She discussed the new Social Science, Health, Education Library arrangement.

  1. LIS journals already in in ESSL
  2. Geography books, too. Not maps.
  3. BEL collection: Economics materials will go to SSHEL, other materials will be distributed in various places.

–Marek: Cataloging: one GA hired (Slavic) at 33% time; they may get another one. He has consulted about film sets which need to be remastered. (Acetate) Film and fiche might be moved to Hist. Phil, and Newspaper Library. He mentioned that he contributed to the Encyclopedia of the Nations (Poland) in the 2012 edition, and suggested that other faculty members do the same. The call for contributors is every four years.


Said that their Title 8 grant was completed for this year—this is the grant which funds their reference service. She also mentioned that 27 Slavic related Libguides have been created, and that 15 Language-related pages are all off-line now, because they are being revised.

Kit Condill’s previous position is ready to be filled; a local search is planned.


Larry wants to be trained on the technology in Room 323c.

Joe said that Joann Jacoby was going to post a guide for this.

Steve noted that first, Library IT staff has to be trained on it.

Steve will follow up with Jeff on this.

–Flat Screen TV for the IAS Library: Paula Kaufman has approved a flat screen TV for the IAS Library. It will have international news content. We plan to have headphones, earbuds, and/or Bluetooth for those who wish to listen. Lisa Romero in the Communications Library wants all IAS faculty and staff to go to their library to see how this works. Some material on these broadcasts may be recorded and used in class. UIUC no longer subscribes to SCOLA, but Marek found it very good. Yuriko tried the language learning system “Tell Me More.” She had accessed it at home. It has mostly European languages and is free to UIUC patrons.

Latin American Librarian Search: Paula Carns  has told him that there are now twelve applicants for the Latin American librarian position.