February 4, 2016 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

February 4, 2016

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

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IAS Staff Meeting

February 4, 2016 

Present: Jan Adamczyk, Kit Condill, Shuyong Jiang, Lisa Renee Kemplin, Joe Lenkart, Laila Hussein Moustafa, Xiaoping Qi, Antonio Sotomayor, Mara Thacker, and Steve Witt

Announcements & Accolades:

  1. Annual Report deadline has passed.
  2. Antonio will be representing the library at an Alumni event in Washington DC on July 21. He will also be speaking about his book.
  3. Reminders about using the manual circulation cards for reference items. The bright yellow cards are for ILL department. The green ones are for our use. Please make sure to date the card and have the card pulled when returning items. This includes if items are taken to a class. Please see Lisa Renee for further information or questions.
  4. The film India’s Daughter will be showing on April 5 from 7-9 at the Spurlock Museum. This event is in conjunction with International Week and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This event is being co-sponsored by the Women’s Resource Center.
  5. There was an email sent to donors that listed upcoming library events. IAS was not featured. Reminder to let Heather Murphey know of all IAS events.
  6. The GA allocations have been decided. IAS will receive funding for two 25% GA’s. Joe will be the supervisor. Advertisements for the positions will be forthcoming shortly.
  7. Send needs for student work this summer to Steve by noon on Friday, February 12.


  1. Brainstormed replies for questions for the Office of Advancement form. Please see attached to edit. This form is due to Steve by Friday, February 5 and due to the Office of Advancement Monday, February 8.


  1. Kit reported on the ASEEES meeting that he and Joe attended in Philadelphia. This was a large conference with over 2,000 participants. Joe and Kit participated in two panels-Digital resources for the Caucasus and Central Asia, and Trends in Collection Development. Kit also chaired his first meeting for SEEMP. Some hot topics from the conference included articulating the value of REEE Studies, trends in the field, and the partial return of federal grant funding.
  2. Mara attended a conference in Charleston. Mara presented a poster on the work she is doing with Tom Teper, Joe Lenkart, Steve Witt, and Esra Coşkun. The topic was on evaluating the impact of foreign imprints. Mara received requests for writing articles based on this work as well as other universities that want to use the same criteria to evaluate their own foreign language collections.