February 21, 2005 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

February 21, 20051:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Tending to “homeless” collections
    K. Schmidt
    20 minutes
    Outcome: Agreement on how to handle certain types of collections that appear to have no permanent care
  2. Supporting staff through difficult personal times
    Kaufman, German, Kelly
    20 minutes
    Outcome: Agreement about providing support to faculty and staff
  3. Gift Books Destined for Oak Street
    15 minutes
    Outcome: Discussion of desirability and implications of processing gift materials to go directly to the Oak Street Facility
  4. Alumni Access to Licensed Databases
    Kaufman, Searing
    20 minutes
    Outcome: Understanding of financial limits and discussion of possible strategies to provide alumni access to some licensed databases
  5. Announcements and Updates
    15 minutes
    Undergraduate Survey

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, Rod Allen, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Roxanne Frey (for Lyn Jones), Lisa German, Janis Johnston, Cindy Kelly, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Jeff Schrader, Sue Searing, Karen Wei, John Weible, Joyce Wright


  1. Tending to “homeless” collection – K. Schmidt
    Karen Schmidt, Jeff Schrader, and Tom Teper have been looking at collections that need homes. They are recommending the formation of a small group that would inventory these collections and develop a plan to address this problem. The group would be made up of Karen, Jeff, Tom and another individual. Lisa German nominated Atoma Batoma to work with the group because he has already been working with some of these collections. After inventorying the collections they will contact the person who is most likely responsible for each and work with them to develop a plan to get the collections cared for. Karen is considering ways to provide some student wages to help with getting these processed.
  2. Supporting staff through difficult personal times – Kaufman, German, KellyWe have many staff who are single and live alone and many without families close by.

    We need to find a way to help them in emergency or need situations. At the least supervisors could have home numbers for the staff and emergency contact information that would be kept confidential, if the employees are willing to give the information.

    Cindy Kelly commented that in the past year we have had at least one employee who lost their spouse, five employees who lost parents, two employees who lost siblings, three employees who lost other close family members, seven employees diagnosed with cancer, eight employees who had family members diagnosed with cancer, eleven employees who had surgery, 20 employees who had immediate family members who had surgery (six being children), and one employee caught in the Tsunami. Employees are also under a lot of stress at work as we try to do more with less.

    We need to remind supervisors to be aware of situations that arise. Cindy’s office is available to help.

  3. Gift Books Destined for Oak Street – SearingThe question about policies for sending books to Oak Street came up. Betsy Kruger handed out the policies that are being considered for Oak Street. Right now they are focusing on transferring the 800,000 items to Oak Street. Beginning in 2006 they will start taking everything else. Betsy will be having Oak Street streamers made to be used. CDC will be reviewing the policies on February 22.
  4. Alumni Access to Licensed Database – Kaufman, SearingCurrent policies are that alumni become disassociated with their NetID shortly after leaving.  Since the University web authentication system is based on the NetID, it is currently impossible to identify such potential users via that system.  Regardless of the technology, virtually all Library purchased site licenses currently only permit access to currently enrolled or employed users.  Iit appears unlikely that the Alumni Association will fund the additional costs for licensing terms that would extend the access to them.

    John Weible commented that after CITES implements the new Directory Service (which may be a couple years away), we may be able to authenticate (identify) formerly affiliated individuals such as alumni in the same manner as currently affiliated users.  After authentication, a web based must determine whether the user is authorized to use it.

    The Directory will also provide better information for determining who is eligible for each specific service.  In the shorter term, if a significant number of licensed online resources become licensed for use by alumni, we could create accounts for them that would provide access via a secondary proxy web service.

    As a related service, John also mentioned that we recently became empowered by CITES to create temporary (usually 3 day) guest accounts for Library sponsored affiliates.  Those guest accounts are not NetIDs, but they do provide access to the campus wireless and walkup network access points via the CITES VPN or QuickConnect services.  With additional configuration, these accounts can tunnel through the VPN service from outside the campus network, which would provide them temporary off-campus access to virtually all online Library resources.

    We also might want to look at what resources are available through the city libraries and what free e-resources that might be available.

  5. Announcements and UpdatesBob Burger announced that the Undergraduate Survey is coming out. There will be a mass mailing that will go out on February 28 to 30,000 undergrads asking them to visit the url to take the survey. They will have until March 19 to complete the survey. Incentives of two $100 and four $50 certificates to the Illini Union Bookstore will be offered. After the surveys have been completed a summary with recommendations will come out in the late summer or early fall.

    Jeff Schrader – $11 million appropriated for capital projects have not been successfully released. However, the gutter and down spout project, Hortfield project, and Phase III & IV Main Library remodeling project have been frozen but obligated. The governor will have to sign legislature to sell bonds for these projects and we don’t know yet if he’ll sign. State law says he has to sign, but he could forfeit his signature.

    The Main Library is not part of the “Restore the Core” campus proposal, but it has its own priority listing. Main Library, Altgeld, and Undergrad Library take priority over the “Core.”

    Some things that will be happening are the fire suppression project in UGL and Stacks. The Conservation Lab at Oak St. will be moving forward this summer. UGL will have a handson classroom that will be controlled by the Library.  66 Library will be remodeled this summer. The ceiling will be raised and it will get new walls, flooring, seating, stage, and AV equipment. We’re also hoping they will spruce up the hallway and install a unisex bathroom. F&S will also be renovating the west entry by tearing out the doors and possible putting in double doors and redoing the ramp and stairs.

    CITES Network upgrade processes is on track to complete this building; most of the south side and fourth floor. CITES is planning to install wireless in all public areas not yet covered in the building at their expense. This will not include stacks. This will involve taking space out of 220, some in Map & Geo in the south end and out of Miranda Remnek’s office in Slavic. This will occur over the next year.

    There has been a crane and blocked off area at the west entrance. They are there to remove and replace the cooling tower.

    Memorial grove is slated to move forward on the northside of the Main Library this spring. It will consist of removing the trees there, planting new trees and getting the plaques.

    Phase III/Phase IV includes money to replace an elevator; possibly the south elevator.

    Roxanne Frey – donors are funding benches for the Marshall Gallery.

    Paula Kaufman – Should the Illini make it to the Final 4, DIA will open the Assembly Hall and show the games on the big screens. The money they make from that will go to the Library.

    The Strategic Plan is on hold until the faculty vote as to how AC will be changed and EC looks at what needs to be done. However, the goals of the Strategic Plan were approved and the Library should be moving towards those goals. If there is something in the Strategic Plan that is within your area you should be working towards it.

    Bob Burger – 3700 negotiations are at an impasse. There will be a meeting February 28 to continue talks.