December 6, 2018 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

December 6, 201811:00 am - 12:30 pm Main Library 225b

Agenda Details


  1. Decision on how minutes will be taken
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes
  3. Discussion of Vacant Secretary Position
  4. Liaison Reports and Updates
  5. Webpage Edits
  6. Furniture News and Updates (Angie)
  7. Reaching Forward South Updates
  8. Building Project Updates
  9. Other Updates and Comments

Minutes Details


Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Lonnie E. Clark (Central Public Services)
Angie Gruendl (Physical Sciences & Engineering)
Kim Hutcherson (Administrative Services)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Tammie Redenbaugh (Technical Services)
Gennye Varvel (Social Sciences)
Shoshana Vegh-Gaynor (Arts & Humanities)


Minute Taker: Angie Gruendl

Decision on How Minutes Will Be Taken: Minute takers will rotate by month. Angie volunteered to take this month’s minutes. She will send out the list of minute takers assigned alphabetically.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Minutes were approved with the corrections. Website was updated to reflect corrections.

Discussion of Vacant Secretary Position: According to LSSC Bylaws (, Secretary: This person is responsible for taking minutes and preparing them for Committee review, and submitting information to Libnews and Libstaff, and maintaining any other correspondence and maintaining the LSSC website. LSSC will hold elections for Secretary at the January meeting.

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Life Sciences: Meeting was held 11/28. A report was run for ACES Library. The report had data going back to 2005. They discussed now that we have the data, what can we do with it (e.g., weeding, move items to compact shelving). LSD and PSED will hold a join meeting with Tom Teper and John Wilkin to talk about the building project. Questions for the meeting include: how will ACES will be impacted; where will undergrads go; how to prepare for the possible impact; what resources are needed. A Collection Development Committee report was discussed – Springer electronic serials and print, working on a deal with Oxford

Arts & Humanities: Met with John and Tom. Librarians wanted to know how they should respond if approached by faculty with concerns? Stakeholders are concerned about the collection. Deduplication and concentrating on a focused, purposeful collection are ways to address some of these concerns. Discussed the Oxford deal which may be part of Big Ten Academic Alliance package. Talked about the search for a new head of Ricker Library

Technical Services: Meeting next week

Social Sciences: Met 12/5 but Gennye was unable to attend. The big topic of discussion at the SSD meeting was the renewal of the Springer online journal package. The Visiting Information Sciences Librarian in SSHEL was announced recently and the Social Science Research Services Librarian position will be posted soon. Gennye was appointed to the Library as Catalyst Project – Managing the Library’s Collections working group.

Special Collections: We welcomed Tony Hynes back to the committee. A consultant met with the Special Collections Division 12/5, will meet with units within the division 12/6, and have a wrap up meeting 12/7. Consultant will look at next steps, look at the structure of the Special Collections Division after the building project, take the concerns of the division and frame the concerns in what a good library will look like. One consideration is that part of the map collection circulate. Circulating items are not typical of special collections.

Central Public Services: Will meet on the 12/19.

Physical Sciences & Engineering: No updates.

Administrative Services: No updates.

Faculty Meeting: Met on 12/5. Paula Carns and Greg Knott are looking at the search process and creating a toolkit to help make the search process better. Aneitre Johnson is being co-trained to help with the search process. Strategic planning work will begin in 2019. The divisions will play a role in this process. See the December 2018 Library Office Notes ( for further details. The budget planning process will start at the end of this year. The deadline for the campus is March 1, 2019. John presented slides that he showed at the Faculty Senate meeting.
An email from Chris Prom will be coming out in the next few days that will have more information about the planned migration to Alma/Primo.

Administrative Council: Cristina Kuhn cannot go to AC this month. LSSC will correspond via email to see if a replacement can be sent.

Webpage Edits: Angie will make the necessary changes to the website regarding members of LSSC.

Furniture News and Updates (Angie): Angie has received positive feedback about the blue recliners. She has not heard back from Facilities regarding the quote. She will follow up with them in January. Depending on the outcome of the furniture request, Angie will meet with Advancement to see if it would be possible to list a furniture request in FriendScript. Angie will also talk with Greg Knott about the possibility of including money in the budget for the staff lounge in the next fiscal year.

Reaching Forward South Updates: Erik emailed Carole Kopp regarding funding for Reaching Forward South ( Administration was supportive and is willing to send up to 12 people.
Erik emailed the Reaching Forward South planning committee regarding details of the conference. They are still working these out.

The committee discussed that Reaching Forward ( might be another option.

The committee will send an email to the staff listserv at the beginning of spring semester.

Building Project Updates: Next update is 12/13. If we have questions as a committee, we can communicate this over email and someone attending the meeting can ask.

Other Updates and Comments: Erik has not heard back from any of the eligible candidate for the vacant Area Studies position. Laura Poulosky will talk to the Resident Hall staff person once they are hired.

Angie has worked on updating the LSSC Brochure. She will incorporate feedback from today’s meeting and coordinate with HR to have the brochures included in welcome basket for new civil service employees.