December 4, 2014 Meeting of Content Access Policy & Technology (CAPT)

Time and Location of Meeting

December 4, 20141:30 pm - 2:30 pm Main Library 428

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Beth Sandore (co-chair), Lynn Wiley, Sue Searing, Jim Dohle, Lisa Hinchliffe, Jenny Johnson, Bill Mischo

Absent: Tim Cole, Michael Norman, Sarah Shreeves, Robert Slater, Tom Teper (co-chair), Beth Woodard
Visitor: Chris Prom, Wendy Shelburne


Web Team DELTA Phase 2 Planning

Chris met with CAPT to review the planning for investigation, selection, and adoption of a new CMS and migration of content. CAPT endorsed the plan as presented. CAPT proposes that Phase 3 discussion include templates for unit webpages.

Discovery and Delivery Study Team Update

Lisa shared the results for the analysis of the last decade of user surveys. In general, users want the following with respect to discovery and delivery: Seamless Digital Delivery, Coherent Discovery Pathways, As Simple as Possible but Not Simplistic, Not Everything, But “My Everything,” Transparency and  Independence. A review of past library reports on discovery and delivery (e.g., report on WebFeat) revealed that the library has valued transparency, predictability, customizability, and co-development opportunities. Bill reviewed the work that has been done to develop Easy Search Bento as well as Subject Easy Search and My Easy Search.

VPN Authentication/ Authorization Issues

Wendy Shelburne provided an overview of the problems that have been occurring because of the VPN being compromised. Library IT investigated the idea that the VPN be treated as “off-campus” rather than “on-campus” so that VPN users would be routed to the proxy server and doing so would not solve the problem. Jim has begun to investigate possibilities with Jon Gorman. Jim will work with Library IT staff to explore possibilities and will bring recommendations to a future CAPT meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa Hinchliffe