December 20, 2012 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

December 20, 2012

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IAS Faculty Staff Meeting Minutes –12/20/2012

In Attendance: Batoma, Sroka, Jiang, Miller, Qi, Thacker, Hussein, Carns, Witt, Kagan, Sotomayor, Tartakovsky, Pfeiffer

  1. Introductions: welcome Antonio
  2. Atoma will start in IASL 50% time in January, 2013, and will also work 50% in CAM
  3. August 2013 he will work as 100% African Studies Librarian

Mara has accepted the position of “the” South Asian Studies Librarian

  1. Japanese Studies Librarian (possibility)
  2. Position requests are pending for:
  3. Japanese Studies Librarian
  4. International Reference Librarian
  5. The Executive Committee is meeting the first week of January, 2013.
  6. There are 30 requests for positions –only 6-7 can be filled
  7. At the moment, Steve is performing the work for the Japanese studies position
  8. Winter Break
  9. From 12/22/2012 to 1/1/2013, the IASL is closed, but faculty members and APs may come in to work.
  10. Discussion of Cleaning Day and the possibility of visitors

Reassignment of locations for IASL staff:

  1. Yuriko will be in CAM 100% time starting in January 2013. Her work will be the cataloging of Japanese rare book materials.
  2. Xiaoping will be 50% CAM and 50% IASL. In IASL he will work to maintain the Serials and Reference collections.

The IAS Service Desk schedules and Work Station schedules have been completed.

  1. Security issues
  2. The door to room 325 must be locked after 5pm.
  3. During the day, the door to room 325 must also be locked if there is no one in the office.
  4. Students will no longer be allowed to work in the office in the evenings and on weekends.
  5. Steve and Debora will send out an email regarding this matter.
  6. Oak Street Protocols:
  7. If a large number of items are to be sent to Oak Street, follow usual procedures, then send an email to OS staff regarding the scope of the project.
  8. A tour of the Oak Street facility needs to be arranged for the IASL faculty and staff

Shuyong discussed her trip to China and passed around her conference brochure

  1. Conference in the city of Guangzhou; topic was ancient books management. Mostly Chinese language participants
  2. Also: Shuyong attended the International Conference on Change and Challenge

Outreach Working Group

  1. New members welcome—please email Mara
  2. Second Dog Therapy Day—held December 17 at the UGL.
  3. Very successful—500 plus participants; 3 dogs
  4. News coverage, interview
  5. Possibility of miniature horses at a future date

Paula Carns discussed The Historical and Cultural Research Group

  1. Covers ethnography or history
  2. Members read each other’s papers and offer assistance
  3. Reading of papers at meetings
  4. They have had three meetings so far
  5. Possibility of networking
  6. Alistair Black has spoken
  7. Meets every one or two months