December 19, 2012 Meeting of Content Access Policy & Technology (CAPT)

Time and Location of Meeting

December 19, 20123:30 pm - 5:00 pm 428 Library

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Tom Teper, Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, Lisa Hinchliffe, Michael Norman, Lynn Wiley, Bill Mischo, Jim Dohle, Sarah Shreeves, Beth Woodard and Robert Slater


*CAPT Committee Agenda (items in bold)

Lynn asked pre meeting: “Who posts minutes post approval”? Tom said at this point just have Kim Matherly post minutes to the CAPT Committee pages.

    1. Templates for Open content management systems

      A draft Policy for requesting customized templates for the existing CMS in light of the limited resources available to support it was sent to CAPT for discussion.

      The proposed policy was included in part of a background document (see appendix here) and stated:

      Library employees will work within the available library-wide templates (resource types, as they are labeled in OpenCMS). A moratorium on custom templates and site design will remain in place until the new (or upgraded) CMS is in place.

      CAPT discussed this and suggested that we strike the second sentence as the word moratorium implied temporary and we do not yet know when if at any time, that our CMS pages can be routinely customized.

      Action Step: Jim and Robert will reword the policy to clearly state that customization will not be possible. Robert will refer back to any previously approved policy (as we may already have agreed upon this under the direction of the WebContent group) as needed to support that.

      CAPT also noted that any approved policy should be sent to AC to best communicate it.

    2. MARCit discussion

      This is an ExLibris service; with our purchase of an annual subscription to it we have access to CONSER level serial records we “could” load to Voyager. Tech Services had asked for this service but to date we have not done much with it. Primo has brought more focused attention to record quality and serials were mentioned in that context. We talked about it recently as we renewed the service. This is not directly a priority of the PRIMO group but that implementation simply refocused some attention to it. CAPT discussed having a small group make a recommendation back to CAPT on the future use of MARCit.

      Action Step: Lynn and Michael were asked to charge a group to look at the pros and cons of the service.  This group will make a recommendation back to CAPT on the future use of MARCit in 3-4 months. A likely group may include Michael, MJ Han, Ya’Aqov and William.

    3. New Title List

      CAPT discussed the current new title list as developed in IT. That title list grew from programming that worked with acquisition orders for individual titles bought on individual funds. IT did a great job on that but it is now out of date as so much material is now bought as part of a package or under international blanket order plans. Questions were raised on how it is used and by whom and where and what could be done to include more new titles in either print or electronic formats. CAPT members noted that it was being used and that it was worth investigating enhancements to add more content to it if possible. CAPT charged Lynn Wiley to convene a group that may include Willy, Jon, and Carissa and that would call upon others as needed in an advisory capacity. The charge is to scope out the issue, see what could be done with the current tool as well as to investigate what other options may be available for new title listings.

      Action Step: Lynn Wiley will convene a group and will send the charge to CAPT as well as the members and a timeframe for reporting

    4. Classic Voyager OPAC changes

      Michael Norman brought this to CAPT noting: CARLI is no longer making new enhancements or additions to the public interface (Web Voyage). UIUC asked last month to have new fields to display in Voyager Classic (due to the new RDA rules), CARLI informed us they would not do any new changes to Classic Voyager interface. The Library is going to need to think through what we want to do with Classic Voyager going forward.

      CAPT discussed this with Micahel providing examples on RDA changes that would then not be incorporated into Classic. CAPT charged Lynn Wiley as I-Share liaison to ask CARLI through Susan Singleton about the decision to not update Classic and to see if exceptions can be made and under what circumstances.

      Action Step: Lynn Wiley will contact CARLI as noted above.

New topics:

PRIMO It was noted that the User studies on Primo are complete and that Jenny will share these at the next Primo group meeting.  Bill Mischo also reminded the group of a ppt sent to CAPT on the Easy Search enabled Primo searches. The ppt provided information from the transaction logs of the over 4900 user clicks on the Primo target results  since that service was activated at the end of November (see email of Dec 9 from Bill)

Submitted by LWiley to CAPT 1-07-2013