December 12, 2012 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

December 12, 2012

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Agenda not yet available.

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IAS Faculty Staff Meeting Minutes 12/6/2012

In Attendance: Adamczyk, Lenkart, Batoma, Oono, Qi, Kagan, Miller, Thacker, Witt, Condill, Hussein , Tartakovsky, P.Carns, Pfeiffer

  1. Welcome Laila.
  2. Setsuko has taken a position at Princeton, so Japanese reference questions are to be referred to:
  3. Steve Witt
  4. Yuriko Oono
  5. Ryuta Komaki

Holiday Library Closings: review of dates and procedures

  1. All questions should be addressed to Steve and Debora
  2. Office and furniture moves
  3. Mara and Laila are moving to Room 331
  4. Lynne and Atoma will be in Room 329 by the start of spring semester
  5. There is still a lot of material on carts which needs to be cleaned up by 12/17
  6. Antonio Sotomayor will arrive December 17.
  7. Tom Teper has said that the UIUC Library has a contract with Adam Matthew (UK)  and new materials will be available Spring 2013.

(Adam Matthew Publications is a scholarly publisher, making available original manuscript collections, rare printed books and other primary source material for the humanities and social sciences.)

  1. Much of the material acquired is related to IASL.
  2. Most material is in English. Very little for Slavic.
  3. Savvy Researcher: We need a volunteer to organize a session to teach people how to use the scanners, film, and fiche readers.
  4. Joe Lenkart and Jan Adamczyk have volunteered to do this.

Holiday potluck: December 13th from 11am-1pm in 323c.

  1. Wiki sign up for the bringing of food and for set up and clean up.

Antonio’s welcome lunch: December 17. Meet up at 11:45am at IASL or go right to IU Ballroom.

  1. NSM Assessment: IASL pre-dated assessment.
  2. We need a working group to coordinate the assessment of IASL services.
  3. Room 313: group consultation/ study room..
  4. Working group needed to design a plan for this room.
  5. For patrons?
  6. For reference, consultations?
  7. Reference and User Services Working Group has not meet recently, but at the last meeting:
  8. Use of IASL squirrel mail was discussed.


  1. International Games Day: Dec. 6
  2. Arrangements made for quiet spaces for regular patrons who need to study:LLL and HPNL
  3. Therapy Dogs Session #2: December 17
  4. Fish tank (exhibit case): therapy dogs around the world?
  5. Next meeting of Outreach group in the spring
  6. No Librarians Live in December
  7. We seek speakers for presentations for Outreach and Marketing
  8. IAS related topics
  9. University of Maryland has a good outreach event “Talking About Books”: a faculty member talks about a recently published book. They have a web page.
  10. Could be a CIC event.

Laila attended a meeting regarding the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative

  1. How can UIUC attract a more diverse community?
  2. Application fee is steep: $70. Possible fee waiver.
  3. Other barriers: High tuition, few scholarships, the need to seek funding.
  4. Mentoring program
  5. Outreach strategies
  6. Diverse search committees will help in the choice of faculty
  7. Minorities have to be attracted to our environment
  8. Our programs are not well-known, so they need to be marketed
  9. g. in geology, there are not many women and minorities

Hub Management Team

  1. Rethinking the way unit commitments are allocated
  2. Now, it is according to the number of GAs, which is a disincentive to have GAs
  3. They might tie the unit commitment to the number of FTEs and APs, which could possibly double our commitment to the Hub.
  4. Spring: Steve will be leading a discussion on IAS research questions
  5. Who’s who in IASL
  6. Some examples of READ Level 3 and above questions

CDC—Larry Miller

  1. There is a problem getting the money spent on time. We should be at 50% spent by now.
  2. Springer is offering incentives
  3. Adam Matthew may waive our fees to database access
  4. Rod Allen, re: Acquisitions: we may lose money in the future; there are plans in construction for possible cuts.

Retreat: January 4, 2013

  1. Last retreat not well attended.
  2. This time we will discuss:
  3. Chancellor’s vision of excellence
  4. Themes of service
  5. Breakout sessions
  6. Possible authenticated logins
  7. This is a public university and will create a barrier. Visiting scholars will have a hard time getting and using a login.
  8. Authenticated logins will make Library IT’s work easier.

Education and user services meeting next week.