August 25, 2022 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

August 25, 2022

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 08-25-22

  1. Welcome new member

PSD- Jeffrey Loftiss

  1. Approve July Minutes
  • Bylaws change to add Treasurer- Comments and vote results.
  1. Liaison & Committee Reports
  2. 11:30-12:00 Guest Susan Breakenridge to discuss and review Guidance for Staff Professional Development-

a.Documents- Guidance for Staff Professional Development

  1. Treasurer position question?
  2. Robert Howerton Scholarship updates
    1. Review Meeting with Joe Lenkart Karen Huck, and Kristen Blankenship 8/8/22
    2. Loose ends?/ date to announce/start pilot?
  • Scheduling for Semester
    1. Brown bag
    2. Drop in hour
    3. Dean Wilkin and Susan to address staff concerns/clarifications
    4. Social with Diversity committee?
    5. Budget confirmations for conferences.
  • Other questions/topics:
    1. Staff Concerns & Feedback
      1. 6/3: request for RAD self-defense program to be offered by the library
        1. Updates?
      2. LCAP and LSSC meeting with EC canceled this month- due to new members next EC meeting tentatively scheduled for Sept. 19.
      3. Special Collections Building update
      4. COVID-19 updates
      5. Other Updates / Comments

Minutes Details


Attendees for Aug 25, 2022 zoom meeting
Jan Adamczyk (Area Studies)
Bill Arvola (Law)
Kristen Blankenship (CPS)
Julia Cross (Residential Hall Libraries)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Karen Huck (Arts & Humanities)
Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Jeffrey Loftiss (Physical Sciences)
Lucy Moynihan (Life Sciences)
Michelle Self-Ballard (CPS)
Dulcie Vermillion (Social Sciences)
Johna Von Behrens (Technical Services)


Guest: Susan Breakenridge

Approve July Minutes:  Approved

Welcome new members

  • PSD – Jeffrey Loftiss 

LSSC Treasurer

  • Civil Service Library employees voted for LSSC to have a Treasurer.
  • Dulcie will update Bylaws.

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Administration:   Nothing to report.


Administrative Council:  Discussed the space policy document, asked for feedback.  LSSC provided feedback, and those changes have been implemented.

Area Studies:  Nothing to report.

Arts & Humanities:  Didn’t meet, LLL has doubled patrons this week.  Exhibit on north/south corridor about our division.

Central Public Services: Discussed sabbatical applications, discussed scholarly commons and media commons merge.  Scholarly Commons/Media Commons:  busy training students.  Tech Services Library Room 220 from 10-5 has Loanable technology.

Law:  Operations Librarian started; planning shifting projects with the collections; weeding of old textbooks for Law students.

Life Sciences:  Mike Dickson new LSD division coordinator.  New Civil Service Hire – JD Tanaro starting next week.  Busy training students.

Physical Sciences: Megan Sapp-Nelson started on 8/18 as new head of Grainger.

Res Hall:  Finished training 9 student clerks; using grant money; working on events.  Beginning of the year is going well.

Social Sciences:  Did not meet.

            SSHEL: Busy, seeing more patrons.

Special Collections:  Discussed exhibits; lively discussion on basic procedures on how to register and greet patrons.  Discussion on picture taking for profiles.

Technical Services: Kyle Rimkus on sabbatical, discussed the coverage.

Other Updates / Comments

  • LSSC met with Susan Breakenridge to discuss and review the Guidance for Staff Professional Development document.
  • Robert Howerton Scholarship – announcing the pilot soon.
  • Discussed scheduling for Semester
    • Brown bag
    • Drop in hour
    • Dean Wilkin and Susan to address staff concerns/clarifications
    • Social with Diversity committee?
    • Budget confirmations for conferences.
  • Discussed RAD self-defense program and what is needed for approval
  • LCAP and LSSC meeting with EC canceled this month- due to new members next EC meeting tentatively scheduled for Sept. 19.


Next LSSC Zoom meeting:  September 29