August 17, 2009 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

August 17, 20091:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1. Welcome and introductions (all, 5 minutes)

2. Selection of Budget Group representative and selection of agenda group to the agenda (Paula and all, 10 minutes)

3. Oak Street Transfer Process WG (Scott, 15 minutes)

4. Annual Reports (Scott, 15 minutes)

5. Library Web Content Policy (document attached) (Scott and Robert, 25 minutes)

6. Liason’s for Energy Conservation (Teper)

7. Facebook (Ward)

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Tony Hynes, Joanne Kaczmarek (for Scott Schwartz), Mary Laskowski, Lisa Romero, Marek Sroka, Carolyn Szylowicz, Tom Teper, Scott Walter, David Ward, Greg Youngen; Visitors: Robert Slater; Recording: Kim Matherly


1.) Welcome and introductions

Paula welcomed the new members of AC: Mary Laskowski (Technical Services Division), Lisa Romero (Social Sciences Division), and Caroline Szylowicz (Arts & Humanities Division)

2.) Selection of Budget Group representative and selection of agenda group

     Mary Laskowski was nominated as the Budget Group representative and Greg Youngen and Lisa Romero were nominated as the Agenda Group. 

3.) Oak Street Transfer Process WG – Walter

      Walter updated AC members on ongoing discussions regarding how to balance large transfers of materials from departmental libraries with Library-wide projects, e.g., RBML HVAC transfers, NSM transfers, and major Main Stacks projects. We must identify a process by which large collection management projects from individual libraries do not result in materials remaining coded in Voyager as being “In Process” or “In Transit” for long periods of time owing to the fact that Oak Street staff are making Library-wide projects a higher priority. This concern is not related to routine transfers of materials (e.g., tubs or individual boxes), but large-scale transfers (e.g., pallets). Before continuing discussions on this issue with Oak Street staff, Walter asked if there would be interest and benefit in volunteers from departmental libraries being included in the planning. Laskowski noted that a small group from Central Access Services and Technical Services have already been meeting on Oak Street planning and scheduling issues, especially as related to NSM planning, and that this existing group might be the most appropriate to consider the related question of planning and communication with individual libraries on how to stage their large-scale transfers.

Walter and Teper will sit in on an upcoming meeting of this group, along with Norris Purdy from Library Facilities.

4.) Annual Reports – Walter

     Walter reminded AC members of the discussion the previous year regarding the need for substantial revision to the Unit Annual Report (UAR) format. AC chose to delay substantial revisions in Spring 2009 owing to the limited time any group would have to make revisions prior to the release of the UAR instructions for FY09. Walter noted that the UAR format should be revised not only to facilitate more substantive reporting of unit-level accomplishments and contributions to Library-wide initiatives, but also to encompass the growing diversity of Library service programs not tied to a single, physical “unit” (e.g., Scholarly Communications, “embedded librarian” service programs). Walter asked AC input regarding next steps in the revision of the UAR instructions and format.

AC members discussed what kinds of reporting need to be done and what other measures of assessment are needed.

AC concluded that this project should be deferred until the appointment of the Coordinator of Library Assessment later this year so that the Coordinator could contribute to determining “what information is needed and how to report it.”

5.) Library Web Content Policy  – Walter, Slater

     AC discussed the concern raised regarding accessibility standards for Library Web content, e.g., the use of vendor-provided tools such as LibGuides that house a substantial amount of instructional materials. Slater noted that the Library Web site meets accessibility guidelines for a large percentage of its materials and continues to work with campus accessibility experts and vendors to improve accessibility. AC members suggested that the Gateway might include a statement noting that not all content available through the Library Web site currently meets accessibility guidelines, and provide contact information for users seeking assistance. [After meeting note: the “Services for Users with Disabilities” page, already linked to the Gateway, is available at <>, and does provide some of this information.]

Walter asked AC members to review the policy with the divisions and to send any comments or suggested changes to Slater. AC will be asked to approve the policy at its September 20 meeting.

6.) Liaison’s for Energy Conservation – Teper

     Tom had asked for liaison’s at the last meeting. If you have not sent a name to Tom, please do so as soon as possible.

7.) Facebook

     David Ward was not at the last meeting where Facebook was discussed. He wanted to clarify that it was acceptable to use Facebook for work related projects. Paula concurred.

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