April 7, 2015 Meeting of Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 7, 20151:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Skye Arseneau, Sarah Christensen, Jon Gorman, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Ingold, Chair, Cindy Kelly, Jessica LeCrone, Megean Osuchowski, Susan Schnuer, Richard Stokes, Zoe Revell


1.  Minutes taker, Cindy Kelly will take the minutes

2.  Minutes from the March 10 meeting were approved with corrections.

3. Review of Agenda – There were no additions or changes to the agenda.

4. Updates and Announcements

–Climate QUAL survey, Cindy Ingold reported that the ClimateQUAL Working Group is scheduled to meet later in April to determine the next steps for proceeding.  Group will discuss what needs to be done to respond to the survey.  It has already been determined that the personal comments will not be shared broadly across the Library.


Lisa Hinchliffe discussed that the Strategic Planning Steering Committee wants to be engaged in the process and active in discussions.  There will be a number of groups in the Library that could be impacted and work with the results.


–Three Minutes to Live Training, Zoe Revell and Cindy Kelly reported that the training went very well.  The response from participants was positive.  A good number of library staff were trained.  There were no Graduate Assistants trained and there is discussion about how the training could be incorporated with the regular grad training in the fall.  This would present some difficulty as that training is very robust and there is not much additional time that could be added. A separate training opportunity for grads is being considered.  Susan Schnuer asked what follow up is occurring as a result of the training?  There will be additional full day sessions for the fall, perhaps a GA training event in August.  The Police Department will not allow taping of the training, so we are unable to provided video training for groups.  An hour training session for undergrads is also being considered

–Supervisory Training Institute: Zoe R. reported that one scheduled training session remains, “Effective Feedback”.  In addition, the optional training session which the participants choose is still to be scheduled.  The participants have requested “Difficult Conversations” as a choice.


A training session remains available from Shirley Stelbrink, and topics were discussed.  Time management is a popular offering, and How to effectively schedule workflow was also offered as a possible subject. Project management is under discussion.  Customer Service was discussed as a possibility but is most likely covered by the GREAT training.


–Student Training in Compass: Jessica LeCrone is checking for errors in the training, spell checks, are the links all working, etc.  Zoe is also checking, so far all looks good.

5.    GREAT Training for SAs.  (Sue Searing arrived after 2 and discussed).  Jessica shared some GREAT videos, not edited at this time.  Positive and negative scenarios for how to handle patron situations.  The group agreed they looked good.

There is an additional open session that the Library has purchased with Shirley.  Group discussed some sort of customer service training, tied to GREAT.  Training needs to happen before the end of the fiscal year, June 30, so has been scheduled for June 17.  Jessica will email a video to the group if it is ready by Friday and send to Sue for the User Services meeting.  GREAT J thanks to Jessica and Zoe for their work so far on this activity.

Sue stated since there has been some time since the initial talk of GREAT, there should be a re-launch of GREAT training.  Workshops should be announced.  Lindy Wheatley has developed some guidelines.  How should we roll out training to units?  By division?  Should Shirley do some ‘train the trainer’ training for the Library?  Susan Schnuer will take these questions to the User Service Advisory Committee on Friday for input.  Should this be a one or ongoing commitment for the Library?

6.   Wellness Activities

–Pedometer Challenge, Zoe reported 125 participants from last year, hope for more participation this year.  Zoe presented possible prize of water bottle for review.  How could we make the challenge more ‘individual’?  Archives always wins, and groups are discouraged.  Individual walking groups will walk inside the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays, walking in place will happen in Room 106 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after chair yoga.  There are some YouTube videos which could generate more participation.

–Chair Massages continues.

–Chair Yoga continues.

–Blood Drive, Zoe reported there were 17 people signed up for the drive on Thursday, April 9.

–Money Smart Offerings, scheduled for second last week in April.  “Saving for your Dreams” on April 21 at 11:00.  “Identity Theft” is scheduled for Friday, April 24.

–CPR training is scheduled for June 2 in the morning at the Heritage Room in ACES.

7.   Strategic Planning Discussion

Cindy Ingold stated that the ClimateQUAL results and future activities could very well fall under the Staff Development and Training Committee purview.          . He wants a proposal for the implementation of ClimateQUAL for the University Library.

The Working Group will determine next steps.  Morale is a critical issue as related to the organizational structure.  Lisa H. stated she wants to connect with whoever does work on this issue.  The next meeting of the Working Group will be April 27 at 11:00 to start the discussion about how the results are communicated.  A discussion ensued about ‘what is open and transparent’?  How should personal references be redacted?  What about comments made specifically about individuals?  When results are posted, there needs to be follow up quickly and an opportunity for questions and answers.

Lisa H. commented it is important to instruct how to read the results, we need to remind data was collected and what it was intended to do.  We must review with a look for patterns and trends.  There are challenges.  This is a big report and must provide explanation, or an executive summary, a guide to checking results.

Susan S. suggested an open session where John Wilkin says ‘here is the process we will use to respond to the survey’.  If there are areas that need discussion and follow-up, who do we set up the expectations of the reader of the survey.

Lisa H. proposed an appreciative inquiry to the results.  What are the strengths of the Library as show in the survey?  Where is the most potential to improve (poor areas, failures)?  We will have areas of great strength and areas to improve.

Lisa H. also reminded us we have organizational values from the retreat, how do we affirm those values with the results from ClimateQUAL?

An Implementation Group could be a natural offshoot from the Working Group.  What groups are most responsible for a leadership role for the actions that will follow.  EC?  AC?  AULs?  Groups already plugged in for action are the Diversity Committee, Staff Development and Training Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee.  What other groups will have impact?  Input?  Here is the alignment with these groups, here is the impact.

At the retreat a surprise topic that emerged was an interest in a Creative Thinking workshop.  How might this be implemented as we consider the results of ClimateQUAL?


Meeting adjourned, next meeting, Tuesday, May 5, 2015