April 26, 2018 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 26, 201811:00 am - 12:30 pm Main Library 225b

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Jim Cotter (Special Collections)
Angie Gruendl (Physical Sciences & Engineering)
Kim Hutcherson (subbing for Skye Arseneau, Administrative Services)
Kyle McCafferty (Central Access Services)
Laura Poulosky (Residence Hall Libraries)
Shoshana Vegh-Gaynor (Arts & Humanities)


Welcome (back) to LSSC, Erik Chapman!  Erik Chapman has joined LSSC as a liaison for Life Sciences.  He has worked in various roles in the University Library system since 2007, including positions in Central Circulation, the Communications Library, Interlibrary Loan, and now at ACES Library.  He has also served on LSSC in the past.  Welcome back to the committee, Erik, and to your new role as a Life Sciences liaison!

Reports from Town Hall on Library Stacks Project:  Kyle attended one of the recent Town Halls held by Dean Wilkin to discuss plans for restructuring the Main Stacks.  (For more details on the project, please see below highlights from Debora’s notes on this topic from the April 17th Administrative Council meeting.)  There are still many questions about how Library collections will fit in a new Stacks configuration and what the implications might be for staff tasks and workloads.  Tom Teper has been appointed as the lead for this project.

Library Dean Reunion Tour Continues:  Angie and Jim plan to attend upcoming “stops” on Dean Wilkin’s “Reunion Tour” and will report back to LSSC about what they learn at these meetings.

Amendment to LSSC Bylaws Regarding Substitute Liaisons:  Kyle suggested we consider adding an amendment to LSSC’s bylaws officially stating the possibility for LSSC liaisons to send substitutes from their divisions when they are unavailable to attend one or more meetings.  He will draft this amendment and send it via email for the committee’s consideration before we vote on it.

Upcoming LSSC Elections:  In May, LSSC will send email to LIB-staff and LIB-news, inviting civil service staff members to nominate themselves as candidates for open spots on the committee.  In June, we will conduct elections via an anonymous online web form, which Kyle has offered to create.

Committee Reports:

Special Collections:  Jim reported that the focus of the most recent Special Collections Division meeting was on the Town Halls regarding Library Building projects.  If it is decided that Special Collections are to be relocated from their current homes in the Main Library, suggested alternatives have included building a new free-standing structure specially designed to house these collections or renovating the Undergraduate Library to house Special Collections.

Faculty Meeting:  Kyle reported that the most recent Faculty Meeting focused on plans for the Associate University Librarian positions.  The Administration is considering changing these positions to 3- to 5-year terms that would be filled on a rotating basis by Library Faculty, because of the heavy workload entailed in these positions.

Administrative Services:  Kim reported that the new online Performance Evaluation web form will be released in a few weeks.

Physical Sciences and Engineering Division:  Angie reported that the most recent PSED meeting focused on online collection development.  Some publishers are being dropped from the approval plan and certain electronic subscriptions are being cancelled, based on their cost per use.  Due to some large discrepancies in the usage statistics of a few electronic journals noticed from one year to the next, the usage of these journals will be reevaluated to determine whether or not to renew these subscriptions.

Notifying LSSC Prior to Division Meetings:  Angie mentioned that she intends to let LSSC know when there are upcoming Division meetings she’ll be attending, so that if we have questions specific to the Division, she can ask them for us.  Laura thinks it would be a good idea for all of us to start doing this, when we have the chance.

Administrative Council:  The following are highlights from the notes Debora took when she attended the April 17th AC meeting:

Recycling on campus:  Leah Berti gave a presentation about recycling on campus, including a PowerPower presentation that can be found here:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KVFTf9U-QOi1n32MNINTlYnvgB0zhf-bnGjyQ5PNHOI/edit?usp=sharing.

-UIUC aims to reduce landfill waste by 60% by 2025, including an overall 30% reduction of waste within the next 5 years.

-Individuals can facilitate the recycling of cans and bottles by emptying and rinsing these receptacles.

-Black bags are for kitchen and bathroom waste. These are considered biohazardous and are not opened in recycling centers.

-Clear bags are for office waste. These materials can be recycled, but not if they’ve been contaminated by food waste, a spilled drink, etc.

-Plastics: Only bottles are recycled. All other plastic wrappings and containers are trash.

Unattended items in libraries:  Cherie Weible and Mary Schlembach addressed questions regarding what staff should do about unattended items in the various libraries.  Grainger, ACES, and UGL each have different guidelines.  The guidelines at RIS and CAS dictate these procedures:  If a bag is left in the patron area, staff should not move or open the bag; if an ID is visible, staff should contact the patron.  After 10 minutes, if there is no visible ID and the patron does not return to claim the bag, staff should call Campus Police to remove the bag.  Cherie stressed that these are guidelines, not official policies.  There is no information on the Library websites regarding this matter.  Campus Police has no official policies about unattended items, either.  Mary Schlembach circulated a sheet that Grainger staff uses for unattended items. This sheet includes space to report date, time, item found, location, and other information.  Mary noted that if Grainger called Campus Police every time a bag was left unattended for 10 minutes, they would be calling Campus Police every 10 minutes.  No mention was made regarding laptops, but Cherie said that scarves, bags, and hats go to the lost and found.  SSHEL and ACES units have information posted in their libraries on their policies.  John Wilkin asked if there should be some information about guidelines posted online.

Dean Wilkin’s recap of Town Hall meeting regarding Library Bookstacks Project:  John related that he talked to campus administration last year regarding the costs of this project.  Professors Antoinette Burton and Brent Roberts were consulted about the project.  Deans in the relevant colleges were also consulted: LAS, FAA, and Media (Tracy Shulkin). The Illinois State Historic Preservation Office met with Dean Wilkin and Jeff Schrader regarding the plans. The Chancellor is to be consulted regarding the preliminary work.

Dean Wilkin stated that this project has been under consideration for years and that the least functional sections of the STX are sections 1-5.  The proposed plan includes moving Library materials from the East Stacks into the West Stacks.

-A website dedicated to the progress of the project will be created by the coordinator, Tom Teper.

-Joanne Kaczmarek, as the representative of the Special Collections division, related that the members of that team were concerned by the potential plans to move Special Collections into the Undergraduate Library space.  She asked whether, instead, the Undergraduate Library could be used as a collaboration space and a Special Collections wing or a new building could be built.  Dean Wilkin replied that he would consult with the Special Collections division.

-During discussion of the proposed plan of two instructional areas to be located within or around the Main Library, Susan Avery asked if the Library would have its own instructional facility; Dean Wilkin said, “Probably.”  A short discussion of the logistics of services and plans related to the project ensued.

-Susan Avery asked whether the Library would still be able to offer 24-hour service.  Dean Wilkin replied, “We don’t know […W]e don’t want to lose ‘Club UGL’ ” [i.e., the throngs of undergrads who populate the UGL every afternoon and evening], but “we will have to meld and be flexible.”

Life Sciences Division:  Since Erik Chapman will now be serving as our Life Sciences Liaison, he will find out about when Life Sciences Division meetings are held and also if there are minutes from recent Division meetings he could pass along to LSSC.  Angie will let Erik know about any joint Physical Sciences & Engineering / Life Sciences Division meetings.  She mentioned that she does not believe there will be another PSED meeting this semester.

Central Public Services:  Kyle reported that Central Public Services has been interviewing for a new Library Specialist, who will work half-time in the Main Stacks, and half-time at the Stacks Circulation desk.  There have been many strong candidates interviewing for the position.

Arts and Humanities Division:  Shoshana was not able to attend the most recent Arts & Humanities Division meeting, because she had to cover the circulation desk at the Art & Architecture Library, but she reported that the meeting consisted of a tour of the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library.

Residence Hall Libraries:  The Residence Hall Library staff has been especially busy since Librarian Gretchen Madsen Webb moved to Oregon for a new job at the end of February, but everything is getting done!  We have many new books, DVDs, CDs, and video games available for check-out.  We are performing end-of-semester tasks such as evaluations and preparing to close the Urbana Residence Hall Libraries for summer break.  Ikenberry Library will be open for the summer starting on Tuesday, May 29th, Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm.

Visit from Jeff Brownfield?  Kyle mentioned that Jeff Brownfield, the director of SUCSS (the State University Civil Service System) is enthusiastic to come talk with LSSC about our questions about classification and upgrade procedures.  Kyle will see if it might work for Jeff to visit during our May or June LSSC meeting.