April 14, 2015 Meeting of University Library Exhibitions Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 14, 20153:30 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Miriam Centeno, Anna Chen, Eva Chertow, Kasie Janssen, Pat Miller, Cher Schneider, Jody Waitzman (Chair)


Round Robin


1. Jody: web calendar; budget mgmt. and ordering;promotion/outreach until we get a new member

  • Update on supplies for dept libraries
  • Spreadsheet of purchases on G
  • Mueller fund update: our balance of approx. $6800 does NOT include the Dean’s $2500 pledge. It was never added to our account. If the committee feels we need that $2500 in the future, we should contact Gregg Knott in the Business Office. Per the committee’s wishes, Jody will contact Gregg to ask for access to this funding, ask if money rolls over, is it added to Mueller Fund or a separate account?
  • No update from Lesli on furniture gliders – can someone check the cases to see if they’ve been installed?

 2. Cher: contact with exhibitors for install/deinstall; preparation of materials for exhibit  

  • Cher now on maternity leave. Jody will be taking on her scheduling responsibilities while she’s out.

3. Pat: Graduate student competition

  • From December – do we have to ask Heather Murphy to take announcements off digital signage? A: Heather says it’s a good idea to do so, as she doesn’t keep a close eye on the date ranges.
  • Reserve next April tentatively for runners up of grad student exhibit contest

4. Miriam: website; facilities

  • Website updates
  • Photographing exhibits. Fom Dec – Proposal that we start having exhibitors take photos after they set up their exhibits. Pros: spread the work out, allow the exhibitors more control of intellectual property. Miriam will download photos after exhibitors return the camera.
  • Proposed (illustrated!) checklist for exhibitors, copy attached to this agenda

5. Anna: publicity

  • Schedule is updated, can send out an email soliciting exhibits for vacant time slots.

6. Kasie: photography

  • Will take photos of bad exhibits and of the empty exhibit cases for info for exhibitors documents
  • Supply inventory on G drive is updated