April 14, 2012 Meeting of Area Studies

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April 14, 2012

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IAS Faculty meeting minutes

Date: March 14th, 2012

Attendees: Lynne, Mara, Antonio, Leila, Paula, Al, Marek, Steve, Kit, Larry, Tom.

  1. Announcements
  2. By-laws final revision

Discussed on which faculty members had the right for vote. Five faculty members, including Paula, Marek, Larry, Lynne and Steve voted. This revision version passed.

  1. Feedback regarding World News Service purchase.
  2. What digital resources have you ordered recently?

Kit: the Universal Database-East View search problem. Keywords search would not get the desired results for Central Asia collection.

Antonio: thinking of purchasing some resources from Oxford bibliographies, resources for undergraduate students.

Group discussion on how to list resources and start the purchase process: go to Voyager, put a form in Acquisition, and create a list for Wendy to review before purchase.

Kit: Slavic digital archive access trouble and download problem.

  1. Suggestions for Tenure-Track candidate /PRC document.

Lynne: explain university policies and resources for tenure-track faculty. Separate time on research, service, and librarianship.

Advice: connect to relevant organizations and professionals in these orgs to build network and get referees.

Future work: create a list of professional organizations for IAS librarians.

Round Robin

Steve: LQ publication; IRC national survey (is this right?)

Paula: will go to Consuming Passion Conference. Work on wild man research (a medieval image for knights and fashion).

Laila: prepare an article.

Have a trip with Mortenson Center.

Prepare materials for university faculty.

Antonio: review his paper for publication.

Work with Rare Books Library to digitize a collection of letters from Lima.

Al: his book’s 3rd edition editing.

Mara: will attend the annual South Asian Librarian conference.

Prepare an event and plan to try to invite a celebrity.

Lynne: three workshops at Center of Global Studies coming up, one for high school students, one for teachers.