April 13, 2016 Meeting of Library Faculty Meeting

Time and Location of Meeting

April 13, 20163:00 pm - 4:30 pm 126 GSLIS

Agenda Details


1.         Call to Order


2.         Standing Items:


2.1       Adoption of the agenda–John Wilkin

2.2       Approval of the Minutes of the March 9 Faculty Meetings

2.3       Introductions–John Wilkin

2.4       Report of the University Librarian (15 minutes–John Wilkin)

2.5       Executive Committee Report and Discussion (15 <minutes–Kirstin Dougan)


3.         Discussion Topics

3.1       Business Office:  “My UI Financials” Online Reports  (15 minutes–Kathie Veach)

3.2       Open Licensing Task Force Update (10 minutes–Aaron McCollough)

3.3       Business Office:  “Issues in making payments to foreign nationals (15 minutes—Kathie Veach)


4.         New Business


5.         Announcements


6.         Adjournment

Minutes Details


1.         John Wilkin called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m.


2.         Standing Items


2.1       The Agenda of the meeting was accepted as distributed.


2.2       Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Secretary William Maher called the faculty’s attention to his incorporation of few corrections that had been recommended following e-mail circulation of the draft minutes. A motion by Nancy O’Brien and seconded by Tom Teper called for approval of the amended minutes of the March 9, 2016 meeting. No action was taken on the motion.


2.3       There were no introductions, but Wilkin called for recognition of the departures of Rebecca Bryant and John Wagstaff.


2.4       University Librarian’s Report.  Wilkin reported that there are a number of 3Y reviews currently being considered.  Meanwhile, the Library is awaiting word from the Campus Committee on Promotion and Tenure regarding the Library’s submissions for promotion in this academic year’s cycle.  There is activity regarding space and facilities changes–the HVAC replacement at the Archives Research Center is nearing completion, changes in Grainger and the Communications Library are underway, and soon a project for the Main Library floor replacement will begin, to be followed by exterior door replacement for the Main Library and Undergraduate Library.  Wilkin reported that the requests for Summer Graduate Hourly funds amounted to about twice the money available.  In response to a question, he said that notification of decisions on the summer money would be announced soon.


Wilkin reported that this morning’s budget meeting with the Provost went well.  The Provost Office is engaged and pleased with the Library.  Thanks to the work of the Executive Committee, JoAnn Jacoby, Beth Namachchivaya, and Tom Teper, the Library’s budget document was well received and enabled Wilkin to make a case so that the Library might be protected in the event of budget cuts.  He sees lots of reasons to be optimistic and emphasized that we should avoid a hunkering down stance and instead focus on strategic investment.


2.5       Executive Committee Report.  Kirstin Dougan provided an overview of the topics discussed in the four Executive Committee meetings that had occurred since the last faculty meeting.  These included: a discussion, with AULs in attendance, on outcomes from the Retreat as well as the desirability of holding regular Committee of the Whole discussions similar to what was done at the March Faculty meeting; examining how to make the Promotion and Tenure celebration more accessible and better attended; and matters of safety and security following the transition from having security guards on duty for the Library.


In other business, the Executive Committee reviewed and approved an appointment for the Turyn Professorship; reviewed a report on benefits for Library emeriti faculty; approved a New Service Model charge for the Classics Library; discussed Privacy Policy Implementation Team recommendations; reviewed Innovation Fund proposals; selected faculty editors, paper preparers, and reviewers for a promotion case.; and finalized membership for a Task Force to Create a Promotional Path for APs.


3.         Discussion Topics

3.1       Business Office Reports: Kathie Veach provided an overview of the “My UI Financials” Online Reports system by displaying Power Points slides which she will make available to the Library following the meeting.  The system allows online viewing of account status reports which will be available for every type of account.  Generally, the reports will be available online within six days of the close of each reporting period, with the exception of the June “final” (i.e., Periodf 14) statements that should be available within fourteen days.


3.2       Business Office–Issues with Payments to Foreign Nationals.  Veach also called the faculty’s attention to important changes to how payments could be made to foreign nationals.  As a result of changes in Internal Revenue Service regulations, procedures for handling payments to foreign nationals will become significantly more stringent. Most of the concerns relate to payments to those categorized as “Non-Resident Aliens” which are subject to taxation and reporting rules.  Because of the complexity involved, she emphasized that questions should be asked in advance of planning anything that would involve such payments. Reimbursements for travel expenses may be relatively straightforward. However, regardless of the amount involved, payments for honoraria, human subject activity (e.g., T-shirts for survey participants), and awards will require submission of multiple forms, advance review of visa type and in-person presentation of passports.  In response to a question from Lori Mestre about whether gift cards could be provided, Veach indicated they could not.  The only payments could be “cash in the form of a check for payroll from which taxes are deducted.”


3.3       Open Licensing Task Force Update. Aaron McCollough reported that since the task for was “charged” last October it had met four times.  He noted that “open licensing” in most cases means Creative Commons licenses and that the goal was to provide not just free access but “free for re-use access.”  He provided additional information on the Creative Commons (CC) licenses, including how they can be both human-readable and machine-readable to support of automated aggregation.  Importantly, CC licenses do not replace copyright but supplement it by telegraphing to users what can be done with the content.  The Task Force is looking for content created within the Library that can be made available via CC licenses.  Jacoby asked whether LibGuides could all be made CC licenses.  Comments from Lisa Hinchliffe and McCollough revealed that there is not consensus on this issue, but Jacoby indicated that people should at least be allowed to apply a CC license to LibGuides they prepare if they so wish.


4.         New Business. In response to Wilkin’s call for new business, there was none.


5.         Announcements. Jacoby announced that a candidate for the Classics position would be on campus tomorrow with the final one next Wednesday.  Bryant stated that the Illinois Research Connection Portal is now public.  Dougan reminded the faculty of the upcoming farewell reception for John Wagstaff.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:04.

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