April 12, 2015 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

April 12, 2015225 B Main Library

Agenda Details


Cindy Ingold – Minute Taker

  1. Approve March Meeting Minutes
  2. Travel awards to attend National Diversity in Libraries Conference 2016
    1. Winners have been announced.
      1. Committee feedback?
    2. Ja Eun Ku (applicant for a travel award) wants to read Heather’s application and Donna’s application.  She also wants to know how many people applied for the travel awards.
    3. Next steps and otherwise?
  3. Anti-oppression workshops
    1. Evaluation.  (Cindy, Zoe and Qiang attended both sessions)
      1. Are any additional steps needed for remaining workshop?
  4. CimateQual Report: Diversity Committee’s role.
  5. Diversity LibGuide (Laila)
    1. Update and Input
  6. GREAT initiative / Community building
    1. From the March meeting minutes:
      The committee discussed ideas such as informal lunch meet ups, mixers, library-wide picnic, discussion groups, and other activities to build community as discussed at the retreat.
  7. Planning an Event for the Summer
    1. Faces of the Library?
  8. Other News and Updates

Minutes Details


Erik Chapman, Qiang Jin, Cindy Ingold, Greg Knott, Heather Murphy, Laila Moustafa, Zoe Revell, Ben Riegler
Absent: Harriett Green, JJ Pionke, Ellen Swain


Cindy Ingold – Minute Taker

  1. Introductions: As this was the first meeting for Greg Knott, Library Business and Human Resources Service Center, we went around the room and introduced ourselves.  If Greg cannot attend a meeting, he will ask Skye Arseneau or Donna Hoffman to attend.
  2. Approve March Meeting Minutes—minutes were approved with changes
  3. Travel awards to attend National Diversity in Libraries Conference 2016
    Donna Hoffman and Heather Murphy were chosen by a subcommittee, consisting of Erik, Cindy, and Qiang, to attend the NDLC in August.  We reviewed the selection process with the committee.  Ja Eun Ku (applicant for a travel award) has asked to read the applications from Donna and Heather.  After discussion, we determined we would not share any applications with JaEun.  Instead, Qiang will send JaEun the rubric used to determine those chosen to attend the conference, and encourage her to seek feedback on any future applications.  Cindy noted that the NDLC only occurs every so often; it is not an annual event.
  4. Anti-oppression workshops
    We discussed the second workshop which was on intersectionality.  Some of us felt Kristyn put too much in the workshop and did not provide enough time for discussion.  One person commented that the information in this session was a bit too academic.  People want more information about how to apply this to their jobs.  Hopefully, that will come in session three.Zoe suggested that we could send our web tools form out to session participants to gather feedback which we can share with Kristyn.
  5. CimateQual Report: Diversity Committee’s role.
    Cindy provided an update about the Diversity Committee’s role with ClimateQUAL.  Recommendations are still being prioritized, but she assure the committee that they would have a role in moving recommendations forward.  Cindy would like to have a longer discussion about the ClimateQUAL at a future meeting.
  6. Diversity LibGuide (Laila)
    The committee viewed a draft LibGuide on Microaggressions that Laila had created.  After some discussion on the purpose and content, the committee determined that the information for Microaggressions could go on the Diversity and Multicultural Information page which Cindy has been maintaining with help from grad hourlies.  We decided to convert this page to a LibGuide.  Zoe will contact Chrystal Sheu to request login information for the committee.  The Diversity Committee can be the authors of the guide.  If Cindy continues to get some GA hours to help with multicultural services, the GA could help too.  We should update the guide once a year.
  7. Inclusive Illinois Survey (Heather)
    Inclusive Illinois representatives received an email about a survey that was going out to get feedback on issues of diversity and inclusion on campus.   We did not forward this to LibNews. The time to respond the survey was very short.  Committee was curious about how many people respond and what feedback they received. Cindy will follow up with Tracy Kleparski to find out.
  8. GREAT initiative / Community building
    Committee talked about how we can do more to build community in the library.  We noted that this needs to be an ongoing initiative and that different events/opportunities need to occur to meet different needs.
  9. Planning an Event for the Summer
    The Committee brainstormed about possible events that could be held this summer which would further community building efforts.  We talked about hosting a pot-luck at the campus YMCA within the first couple weeks of June.  Zoe Revell and Greg Knott agreed to look into the possibility of doing this.
  10. Other News and Updates
    There were no additional updates or news items.